That’s a WRAP! One Thing Worthy of Adding to Your Calendar

Only seven errands to accomplish today…Sigh…

Some of these errands are probably necessary, while others, well, not so much. Someone once coined this scrambling as  “calendar constipation”.  Now there’s a visual….


Guessing the same person who came up with that also came up with the Dwarf in the Drawer to oppose the precious Elf on the Shelf!!!  Who thinks of these things???

My dear friend and mentor, Nancy Tinnell, who faithfully ministers at Middletown United Methodist Church, recently wrote the below poem.  I just had to share it with you!  Between Nancy’s poem and a prior post following this poem on a unique Gift Wrapping Party, I pray your attitude becomes filled with glee and the kick in your step is higher than ever:

The planning, the shopping, the wrapping, the gifting

The eggs, the butter, the flour for sifting…

The holly, the ivy, the tree must look right!

‘Oh, honey, you promised you’d put up the lights?’

I bought it at Target, now it’s cheaper at Sears,

The tree-topper star is missing this year!

If I stay up ‘til midnight, the cookies can bake

While I finish wrapping for Abby and Jake.

If I keep wrapping for Susan and Lee

I can get it all done, if I stay up ‘til three!

The choir will stay late tomorrow night

The cantata is rough and it needs to be right!

I know I need work on my duet with Bill

When I hit my high note it’s always so shrill!

Can I get all this done in the time remaining?

All  the cooking, the serving, the hosting, the cleaning?

By the time Christmas gets here, I’ll have it all done.

I will be like the woman in Proverbs 31!

Will my children rise up and call me blessed?

Or will they just rise up and say, ‘Mom, where’s breakfast?’”

Love that, Nancy!!!  Thank you!

Pictured from left to right is Nancy Tinnell, Jane Chilton and yours truly.

Pictured from left to right is Nancy Tinnell, Jane Chilton and yours truly.

Please allow me to recap a stellar activity.  One of which is way worthy of your calendar.  (If it’s too late for you this year, well, there’s always next year.)

Last Monday, some friends of mine, known as the Butter Babes (another story for another day) met for their Annual Wrapping Party.  I’ll describe it in detail in a minute.  New for this year, at my pleading, we added a stop prior to arriving at my cousin’s.

butter babes

We went to the home of one of our dear friends, Aletia Thompson.  She decorates for Jesus at Christmas time.  Each room points to Jesus’  life, death, resurrection and  our ultimate Eternal Home.  Her home is the most beautifully, breathtakingly decorated home I’ve seen.

Aletia puts it beautifully:  “The true gift of Christmas is eternal life.  God gave His only Son that we might have that gift.  Christmas should be the biggest and the best birthday celebration in history because it’s for Our Savior.”

I forewarned the Babes and said, “Now don’t even attempt to compare your own décor, or you may become depressed.  Simply savor each room, each detail, and soak in our Savior.  You will see Him everywhere.”

Worship the King

We were all teary-eyed and speechless.  Judy was so moved, she immediately called our buddy over at The Southeast Outlook newspaper, Ruth Schenk, who fast-as-lightning set up an appointment to go interview Aletia, take pictures, etc.  Her article is in this week’s issue.  (Go to: beginning December 19th, . It’s found on pages 20-24.)

I’m off now to tackle my list. No worries, still smiling, no stress.

I pray you and your families have a most Blessed, Happy, Healthy and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We have many fun celebrations coming up, so John and  I’ll be spending as much time as possible with our ever expanding family!  Come January, I’ll be sharing information on some favorite books read this year, among other trinkets.

Our gift for 2013 and 2014 is that John and I, within eleven months,  Lord willing, will be gaining three precious, beautiful-on-the-inside-as-well-as-the-outside daughters-in-love!  Wedding Central!  We will also be celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary in 2014!

Please read the below post to enlighten you on my cousin Bonnie’s wrapping party.  It’s worthy of repetition, and as I said earlier, way worthy of your calendar.

God’s Grace, Glory and Blessings!!!


Hello Friends!  Just wondering, now that Thanksgiving’s past and that Christmas décor’s been up since Halloween (in some stores that is, surely not in this household!), if you have a KICK in your step while shopping, or if you are SLIP-SLIDIN’-AWAY, Scrooge-like?

Grunge Scrooge With a Small Gift

Don’t even talk to me if you’re done with your Christmas shopping.  And don’t even look this way if you’ve shopped and wrapped.

Christmas isn’t happenin’ today, the way Jesus intended it to.  For that, I’m certain.  Every single year I try to think of ways to “taper down” on the gift-giving, think of the less fortunate, donate to new charities/ministries, and yet I still wind up looking more like Santa’s helper/enabler than a child of God.  Big sigh.

Santa's Elf on Sign Edge

The commercialization of Christmas makes me say “Bah humbug”…and I’m determined to NOT let it get the best of me. Lord, please help us to focus on you.  Matthew 6:33 reminds us:But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Praying Friends

So, now that the Christmas season’s officially “on”… I’d like to give you one prescription sure to bring a smile to your face, and a sure cure for any “Bah Humbug” attitudes trying to surface.

I am beyond blessed to have a very fun cousin.  Her name is Bonnie, but we in the family call her “Martha”, as in Stewart.  She’s one of those creative types:  she can whip up the most gorgeous bow you’ve ever seen. Friends now recognize them sayin’, “Now THAT’S a “Bonnie Bow”!!!

Bonnie will also try any new recipe.  She’ll paint a room an entirely new color when the mood strikes.  Furthermore, she will absolutely, positively, do anything for anyone, at any time, just for starters.

A few years ago, Bonnie came up with this fabulous idea…  She invited a group of our friends, a/k/a “the Butter Babes” over for a gift wrapping party.  Soup simmerin’ on the stove, Christmas music in the air, pool table covered as our wrapping station, and we move in for the day.


What’s great about this is she sets the date way ahead of time (novel idea!) so we know when our deadline is…as in if you want to wrap a pretty package, you’d better have done some shopping and have packages in tow!

The five of us man our stations and the wrapping begins.  (Did I mention her endless supply of reams of paper and enough ribbon to extend to the moon?)  Oh, but the conversation around the table is the best.  You’re wondering if there’s a message here! Or what’s so spiritual about a wrapping party?

Well, you’ve got to know these Butter Babes.  These are some serious Bible study students and teachers.  These are some very close friends and mentors. These are some serious prayer warriors. They share meaningful Scripture. They share prayer requests. They share answered prayers.  They have lived a lot of life.  We laugh.  We cry.


One of my favorite verses depicting this friendship journey is found in Proverbs 27:17 which says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (NIV)  It’s a huge blessing simply doing life with the help of dear friends who teach you to ultimately lean on the Lord.

Nary a  “Bah Humbug” erupts from this bunch. Nope, the Butter Babes would flat have a meltdown if such a phrase surfaced.  (Oh, I could have fun with that last phrase…)

Proverbs 27:7b says, “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”  Refreshing it is to be surrounded by such sweet sisters.  No Scrooges allowed!

Let me show you one more favorite verse to go along with our prescription:  Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching. “

The “sure cure” for a Bah Humbug attitude can be found straight out of the three above phrases I’ve italicized:

Spur one another on:  This means we cheer each other on toward the finish line…as in our Heavenly Home.

Not giving up meeting together:  Keep regular gathering times with your friends.  How many times have you heard “friends are cheaper than therapy”?  It’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

I have another group of friends which includes a retired school teacher.  (Several actually, but one in particular is the glue that holds us together.)  Periodically, Jayne will shoot us an email with the tagline being:  “Random Dinner”.  She randomly picks a night and we show up to catch up.  Try it.  You’ll like it.

Encouraging  one another:  This goes hand in hand with spurring one another on. All three of these are great fuels for fanning the flame of friendship.

Kelly Minters Nehemiah

Kelly Minter’s Bible study on Nehemiah—A Heart That Can Break offers a PERFECT DEPICTION of what I’m attempting to recommend to you regarding friendship.  She opines*, “The world doesn’t need more wealth, strength, power, or skill as much as it desperately needs trustworthy peopleMy heart is never more at rest, my soul never more at peace than when I am in the presence of a person of integrity.

I find relational serenity in never having to second-guess what the person really meant, not having to dodge gossip or duck drama.  When I have the assurance that a person’s word is true, motives pure, and intents just, I have found a rare treasure indeed.”

Look again at those two above paragraphs.  Did you see that cool phrase, “relational serenity”?  What a sanctuary! What a safe haven!!!

Whether it’s a wrapping party, or a lunch out somewhere, or a Starbucks rendez-vous, I pray you’ll set a date with some of your friends and sail cheerfully thru’ this Christmas season, in relational serenity, sans any “Bah Humbugs”.

Purposefully celebrate Isaiah 9:6, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” (KJV) Remember Christ’s Birthday.

Savor God’s gift.  As Liz Curtis Higgs said, “Let’s be forever grateful for the One whose birth changed everything.”  (Click here to see an interview with her…)


‘Til next time!

(This December post is happily dedicated to my long-time friend, cousin-by-marriage-who’s-more-like-a-sister, partner-in-crime in shopping, encourager extraordinaire, Bonnie Johnson. May blessings be abundant to you and your sweet family this Christmas season!!!)

*Lest you think I toss out unique words frequently, this one, “opine,” was a new one to me. Can’t believe I haven’t discovered this word ’til now.  I’m practically a professional at offering my opinion!  May we all opine with tact.

I ran across it twice in two days in two different books!  Both worth recommending:  one by Tim Keller, The Meaning of Marriage:  Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God and the other by Robert J. Morgan called Angels—True Stories—What Angels Do For Us.

Tim KellerRobert J Morgan


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4 responses to “That’s a WRAP! One Thing Worthy of Adding to Your Calendar

  1. Jane Chilton

    Perfect timing for me! With 2 days til Christmas & in the midst of family time, a reminder to slow down & focus on Jesus was perfect! Thank you dear one. Enjoy your celebration of Jesus’ birthday🎄🎁🙏 Love to all my dear Hoaglands❤️

  2. Aletia Thompson

    Precious friend, as always your encouraging, insightful writing (infused with your sweet and hilarious gift of humor) point me to Jesus and His Truth where I need to be! You write with the gift of making your reader feel as if you are sitting across the table….just the two of us. Your friendship is a blessing beyond measure and gift from God. Truly one of my highlights of this blessed Christmas Season was the fellowship and time spent with you and the dear Butter Babes that afternoon praising God and thanking Him for His precious Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus…… “Joyful, Joyful we adore YOU…. “!!!!

  3. Nancy Aguiar

    Amen, Liz! Blessed by every single WWW you write, Elizabeth! And YES, Bonnie is SUCH a gift to our world! Aletia blessed my Christmas with her decorations and narration. Oh sister, I could go on for days in the spirit of gratitude! Merry Christmas, Happy blessed birth to us…celebrating my Savior!

  4. No one works harder at being a good and trustworthy friend than you do. Much joy to you, dear Elizabeth!