When You Must “TAKE TO YOUR BED”…Surviving Wedding Week…

Once upon a time, on the Eve of “THE Rehearsal”…there was a MOG (Mother of the Groom) with a lovely, blank calendar. Thursday’s open?  Wow…

Well, not really.  We (really me) must write out and decorate seventy-one place cards for Friday’s Rehearsal Dinner… Sooooo, not my talent…(And, can you say, “Procrastinator Professionnelle???”)

Carve out time for a manicure? …No problem.

Time for a much-needed nap?  Oh absolutely.

Peaceful woman sleeping on a cloud and having sweet dreams

Truth of the matter:  These “things” were minor.  My head spinning was MAJOR

Like my Mother used to do, when overwhelmed, prior to retreating, she’d announce, “I’ve taken to my bed” …Oh those days were dreadful….

Last Thursday, I confess I experienced a wee meltdown.  I became non-functional. Everything, and I mean everything made me cry.  I came home from such antics and plopped down in our bed.  Dog by my side (they are man’s best friend after all), feet propped, I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

gracie beat bed

(Note Gracie made it to the bed before I could jump in….)

John arrived home shortly after this and said, “Man, I need to exercise!”  He promptly jumped on the elliptical.  (Please ‘splain to me why guys do this???) While I could hear the elip whirring away(!!!), I was quite content, nestled in a mound of covers.

A few more minutes rolled by and our sweet daughter-in-law-to-be phoned.  She needed to come by to pick up the groomsmens’ gifts.  “Come on in, LT.  And come on up here.  I’m ‘stuck in bed and can’t get up”….

Alice falling down the rabbit hole

Pitiful, I know, but I literally couldn’t raise my head off the pillow.  Shut down.  Fine, but shut down.  (Meanwhile, all this pales in comparison to what LT and her sister and her Mom were juggling during Wedding Week!!! Aletia and I had lunch this week and apparently Home Depot and Lowe’s are now out of gold, glittery paint, due to her numerous trips to paint decor for the wedding. She’s now our  Official “Goldfinger”…)

Thankfully LT isn’t phased by crazy mother-in-laws (!!!)  and came right on up to talk. It wasn’t I needed sleep as much as I just needed to rest, to “chill” as our kids often say.

My friend and mentor, Jane Chilton, has taught many of us over the years that when we’re overwhelmed, to just repeat, over and over, out loud,  “Jesus, Lord Jesus, Jesus…”  It’s amazing the calming effect that can have on you.

Stress Relief Concept.

Max Lucado has a great four-fold plan to keep us grounded when we are overwhelmed.  In his book, Just Like Jesus: Learning to Have a Heart Like His, he poses excellent questions:

“How do I live in God’s presence?

How do I detect His unseen hand on my shoulder and his inaudible voice in my ear?”


Ephesians 6:18 tells us to “Pray in the Spirit at all times with all kinds of prayers, asking for everything you need.”  I Thessalonians 5:17 simply says, “Pray continually.

Here is Max’ fourfold plan to apply to our everyday living:

1 – “Give God your waking thoughts.”  This means to start your day talking to the Lord.  Ken Blanchard says he begins his day by asking, “Okay, Lord, what are WE going to do today?”

Max suggests, “Before you face the day, face the FatherBefore you step out of bed, step into his presence.”

Calling heaven

2 – “Give God your waiting thoughts.”  This goes hand in hand with First Thessalonians 5:17, about praying continually.  Waiting translates into being patient.  Sorry!  This is my perpetual lesson,… you?

3 – “Give God your whispering thoughts.”  Max encourages us to “consider every moment as a potential time of communion with God.”  Savoring every moment was the goal of both us:  The  MOB and The  MOG.   Aletia and I were determined to not let the wedding weekend blow by.  I firmly believe our prayers were answered.


4 – “Give God your waning thoughts.”  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Bookend your day with prayer?”  I love this concept and this is exactly what Max is teaching us from #1, giving God your waking thoughts, to this #4, giving God your waning thoughts….”Conclude your day as you began, talking to God.”

When John and I got home from the Rehearsal Dinner Friday night,



and from the wedding Saturday night,



not to mention the lovely Bridesmaids’ Luncheon Friday afternoon,

going away car

(During the Bridesmaids’ Luncheon, we had a time of prayer where we read Scripture with Woody and LT’s names inserted. When I gazed around the circle, with the bridesmaids and my sweet daughter-in-law, I could hardly read my Scripture.  It was a huge, mega gift from God.  Yet another moment to savor.)

eliz dil milJohn and I  unanimously said, “That could not have gone any better.”  Thank you, Lord.

We praise you:

For blessing us with beautiful weather,

For friends who love the Lord more than life itself,

For friends and family who love our children as much as we do,

For working out all the details some of us worried about … (Goodness…apologies!)

I so appreciate you, dear readers and prayer warriors, for your prayers!  As of this writing on a Mahvelous Monday, I’m still in pj’s, thankful for a “quiet day” to start a new week!

‘Til next time!!!

(This post is dedicated to the FOB & MOB, Frank and Aletia Thompson, who were the quintessential host and hostess at such a God-honoring Wedding Celebration.  We couldn’t be more blessed!)


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9 responses to “When You Must “TAKE TO YOUR BED”…Surviving Wedding Week…

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  2. Love the awesome pics, dear friend! Sooo happy for you and thanks for sharing these precious people and moments in your life with us!

  3. Jane Chilton

    What a dear recap of a God-honoring, celebratory, glorious event where our LORD was praised, presented & honored from beginning to end! Don’t those Mom’s look beautiful? Oh yes!! So glad I read your blog first thing in the AM so I can follow Max’s advice throughout the day! Thank you once again dear sister for pointing me to our dearest Savior! P.S. I recommend you “take to the bed” again soon, perhaps with a good book..you’ve earned it! Love you dearly😘

    • Thanks, Jane! Heard from the newlyweds last night! They are lovin’ Hawaii!!! We are having Michigan-like weather today while you are in Michigan!!! Miss you. See you next week. Happy 4th! Love-n-hugs

  4. Lee Jolly

    Just wanted you to know, again, how much I enjoy your blog! Just forwarded to a friend who will become a follower. Happy for your life-lots of crazy fun. Lee

    Lee Jolly

    Wakefield Reutlinger

    6511 Glenridge Park Place #10

    Louisville, Kentucky 40206


    Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 10:48:49 +0000 To: leejollyrealtor@hotmail.com

    • Well hey there, Lee! So good to hear from you! I always enjoy receiving your emails about properties & what’s going on in Lou. When your boys get ready to marry, give me a call! We’re becoming experts! Ha. Hugs across town, E

  5. Congratulations! You have now completed your MOG duties! Such a blessing to have a Christian wedding.

    • Hey Joyce! Well, we still have ONE MORE to go…9/27…we are still wiped out. John & I went to bed @ 8:30 last night! It was still light! Whew…all good. Newlyweds are having a blast in Hawaii. Hugs to you!