When You Misplace Your Cup of Tea (or Eyeglasses, or Cell Phone, or…), WHO is Really in Charge in 2015???

Every day I lose something. Somewhere, in our home, there’s an invisible abyss that vengefully digests whatever it is I’m hunting for. Call me crazy. Dark Tunnel I waste valuable minutes hunting for my cup of tea, cell phone, glasses, you-name-it. The frustrating thing is, I’m convinced the abyss finds this game amusing, mocking me at every turn, because… eventually it coughs up the thing I’m hunting for in the strangest of places.

Take last week for example. Stuffing as many dirty clothes into the washer as I possibly could (Time management at its’ finest), I reached up for the detergent.  Lo and behold, there was my cup of tea I’d lost the day before. Oh yeah, it was cold and tattered.

The abyss howled.

I let off some not-so-pretty-steam…. studio portrait of a young woman on isolated background angr Never mind that a blog I recently read by my buddy Liz Curtis Higgs hit me fairly-n-squarely in the eye…. Lizzie says: “We must completely release our deep need to be in charge.” Loud, audible groan surfaces…

In addition to all the beautiful and inspirational books Liz Curtis Higgs writes, she writes a powerful weekly blog. Last year she covered many verses from Proverbs and this year she’s teaching us why our Lord is worthy of our praise. You do NOT want to miss a one! It was Liz’ New Year’s Eve post that got me. Allow me to share, so I’m not all by my pitiful self… (http://www.lizcurtishiggs.com/your-50-favorite-proverbs-1-trust-follow-accept-embrace/ )

While familiar, I bet you wouldn’t normally think of this verse to arrive at some New Year’s Resolutions…Let’s look at this: Proverbs 3:5-6 says: Trust inDon’t miss we’re to trust with ALL our heart, seeking His will in ALL we do. Liz tells us “we must trust and then let go, holding back nothing, making no demands…”

She adds,

God is in control whether we allow Him to be or not….        

   the very second we bend our hearts   

             and knees to His power and might,… Man Praying we find our loving God is:

ALREADY blessing us,     

ALREADY taking us by the hand,          

ALREADY leading us in the right direction.“ 

Stretch Your Hand For Someone To Help, Handshaking, Hands ShakinLet’s all aim to:

Savor and cherish the fact that our Lord is Sovereign.

Let’s vow to:

Make this a daily reminder. 

Right out of Proverbs 3:5-6, Liz gives us: FOUR New Year’s resolutions, all four of which are well worth our consideration:

“1 – Trust His love.

2 – Follow His lead.

3 – Accept His will.

4 – Embrace His peace.”

Now, to be fair, will these resolutions help me find my lost cup of tea or glasses or cell phone?

I say “yes”… …because these resolutions enable us to:

Slow down, Slow Quit multi-tasking, Tired And Busy Woman With Multitasking Concept Focus on the “now” and not the seemingly urgent. Don't Wait sign with clouds and sky backgroundRecognize WHO is in charge, uh, and that would not be you or me. (Note to self!!!!)

Thank you, Lord, we praise you for being our Sovereign Redeemer. (You’re invited to take a few minutes viewing the below YouTube of God, You Reign.  Still your minds and hang in there for the end, where out of the mouths of babes, they utter this glorious reminder that we are not in charge.)

Thank you Lizzie, for wisdom straight from God’s most reliable, infallible Word. We love you for it! Happy New Year!!!

‘Til next time!




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2 responses to “When You Misplace Your Cup of Tea (or Eyeglasses, or Cell Phone, or…), WHO is Really in Charge in 2015???

  1. Well you know I could quote you DAILY from your always inspiring and inviting words. Praying for the completion of your new book. Loads of love,

  2. lizcurtishiggs

    Oh, what fun to find a bit of my blog in YOUR blog, Elizabeth! So glad it spoke to your heart, and I hope your readers will find it encouraging too. Much joy to all as 2015 rolls on!