Please Join Me for An Insightful Interview with Author Jan Watson, Part 1 of 2

God was most gracious to cross my path with author Jan Watson several years ago. He did this in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky in Rupp Arena, no less. (GO CATS!!!) main-header1 My friend Nancy Aguiar and I had road tripped it over to attend a Book Fair and have lunch with Paula Deen. Yes, the Butter Queen. Lest you be impressed, Nancy and I, and one thousand five hundred and ninety-eight others joined Paula for lunch.

Prior to our going downstairs for lunch, Nancy and I wound our way around countless tables, with countless authors, with countless books at the Book Fair. Heaven comes to mind. Stacks Of Books The very last table we came to beheld the cutest lady named Jan Watson. We were immediately drawn to her. Turns out her book was her first-ever published book! She had won a publishing contract with Tyndale publishers from a contest she’d entered! Troublesome-Creek-cover2-199x300 Oh, this gets better. The contest Jan entered was one the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild First Novel Contest sponsors. Jan’s husband encouraged her to enter. She’s a retired nurse and had been writing away since her retirement, with prodding from her husband.

The best part? Jan turned sixty years old the year her book published! Isn’t that a light to hang your hat on for all of us writers out there???

The worst part? Tragedy quickly struck. When Jan went to Colorado to accept the award, her husband died suddenly back in Lexington. Can you imagine?

The silver lining lesson for us all? She had a little conversation with God on the airplane home that night, rushing back to Lexington.

She told God she was mad and didn’t care if she made it back home or not. He quickly spoke to her spirit, “Jan, remember….YOU are not the only person on this plane.” In other words, “There are plenty of other people also hurting in this world and your mission is to continue to do what you’ve been doing.”

And the Lord’s been with her every step of the way.  We praise you, Lord.

Troublesome Creek is Jan’s first novel. The book I’ll be telling you about next week, Buttermilk Sky, is her eighth novel!!! Whichever one of hers I’m reading becomes my current favorite. Her style is so dear, so encouraging, laugh out loud funny, crazy suspenseful, very visual, and always full of God’s grace and lessons. buttermilk-cover This week, please enjoy the first half of my interview with Jan. You’ll love her candid sense of humor and determination. Go make a cup of coffee or tea and sit with us… a cup of coffee with a heart shape toned with a retro vintage in INTERVIEW: Question #1: What’s in your frig? (This question was Jan’s idea!)

Answer: Red grapes, diet Coca-Cola and Colby cheese. Red Grapes On White Question #2: Are you a dog or a cat person?

Answer: I love both. I have a Jack Russell terrier, Maggie, and a domestic short-haired cat, Willy. (I once closed Willy up in my fridge. He is a cool cat.) Maggie Question #3: What is the toughest season you’ve had to endure?

Answer: I suppose being a widow is one of the most difficult seasons. It is a season of sorrow that doesn’t end.

Question #4: What lesson did God reveal to you on the other side?

Answer: During the summer following my husband’s sudden death, I began to hear strange sounds emanating from the thick hedges under the windows of my ranch-style house. It was a reptilian sound and reminded me of those prehistoric raptor birds in Jurassic park. Errr-errr-errr-errr…

I would hear it whenever I went outside to get the mail or to walk Maggie. After a lady up the street found a large lizard in her swimming pool, I began to imagine that one of those slithery things was nesting in my hedge. brown Lizard, asian lizard or tree lizard I figured when it got hungry enough, Maggie might become a tasty treat. After several days of this, curiosity overcame my fear. My common sense told me to call Critter Control.

Instead, I prayed for protection before I carried a large flashlight and a broom handle into the bedroom at the end of the house where the sounds were the most pronounced. Vector flashlight on dark striped background I closed the door (to protect Maggie), took the screen and the lower storm window out, and sat down on the ledge, keeping my feet well inside the house. I shone the light into the overgrown bushes and poked around with the broom handle. My heart lept to my throat when my efforts were rewarded with an intensified errr-errr-errr-errr!

Then I heard that still small voice, “Look up, daughter. Look up.” From over my head, I saw a long nail sawing back and forth in the metal gutter. Errr-errr-errr-err.

And now whenever I am fearful or dismayed, I remember and LOOK UP. Looking Up Question #5: What’s your current project you’re working on?

Answer: Perhaps a Christmas novella featuring Copper.


We can’t wait for a novella about Copper! She’s one of my favorite characters!!!

Next week, we’ll finish the interview, which includes an only-God-could-pull-this-off-incident as well as pearls Jan shared at a recent book signing I attended. We’ll also touch on Buttermilk Sky . IF you comment, you’ll be entered in a drawing to WIN a copy!!!


Meanwhile, you can find out more about Jan’s other novels (See covers below) on her website: Skip-Rock-Shallows-200x300 StillHousePond-200x300 SweetwaterRun-198x300 tattlers-branch-200x300 TorrentFalls-200x300 Willow-Springs-200x300 ‘Til next time!


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  2. I always enjoy your blog and it was great to see you at the shower. I have not read any of Jan Watson but look forward to it.

    • Hey Mary Ann! So fun seeing you yesterday and catching up a bit…never enough time!!! Wasn’t that a sweet shower? I loved how they prayed for Ava Grace’s salvation before she’s even born. That kind of undid me.
      You’d love Jan’s novels. I have several. I did have them all, but must’ve loaned some out. You are welcome to borrow one & “test the waters”. Let me know.

      Hugs & Happy Sabbath. =)

    • Jan Watson

      Mary Ann, I’d love to have you read my books.

  3. Have read all Jan Watson’s books…thanks to you, Elizabeth. Can’t wait for chapter two of her interview.

  4. Nancy Aguiar

    Jan, I must take you shopping! Three things in your refrigerator is close to homelessness! 🙂 I was on retreat two weeks ago with Buttermilk Sky (and Jesus!) and Dottie was so interested in hearing more about the fabulous Kentucky author, Jan Watson! I think you have yet another admirer! Staying tuned for Part #2! Elizabeth, you always bless…

  5. Shirley Garwood

    Just so love and admire Jan Watson! She’s definitely a favorite! Thanks for interviewing her.

    • Hey Shirley! I, too, love Jan. She’s the best.
      Sure enjoyed our lunch yesterday @ Bravo’s!!! I’m about ready to eat the other half of my salad…gotta go walk the Gracemeister first. Sigh.
      You’ll enjoy (I hope) the 2nd half of the interview too.
      Hugs across the river!!!

    • Jan Watson

      Sending hugs or way, Shirley.

  6. Lee

    As always, I love reading your writing Elizabeth! I love Jan Watsons’ sense of humor in her interview questions.

    • Hey, Lee! So good to hear from you. Hope your real estate is surviving the snow. We’re going to a neighbor’s Open House this aft clad in boots I bet. You’ll love the 2nd half of the interview w/ Jan too. She’s a scream. Hugs across town!!! E =)

    • Jan Watson

      Lee, My granny always said, “Laugh today and cry tomorrow.” I say “Laughter dilutes the tears.”