More Marvelous Minutes with Author Jan Watson, And FREE Book GIVEWAY of Buttermilk Sky!!! (Part 2 of Interview)

Welcome back!  Please join me for the second half of my interview with Jan.  Go fetch a cup of coffee or tea and join us: (If you missed last week’s interview, here’s the link to catch up…….) a cup of coffee with a heart shape toned with a retro vintage in Question #6:  Tell us something you enjoyed while writing Buttermilk Sky

Answer:  I enjoyed Mazy and her story.  She is so fun and innocent. buttermilk-cover Question #7:  Who’s your favorite character in Buttermilk Sky?

Answer:  I dearly love Chanis Clay.  I borrowed his name from a boy from Robertson County.  When I had a signing in the library there, he came and brought his Dad, Chanis and his Grandpa, Chanis.

Question #8:  What’s your favorite story from when you were a nurse?

Answer:  Once I wheeled a bouncing baby boy to his parents’ room for their first bonding visit.  The new dad took one of the little towelettes from the end of the crib and asked what it was for.

“It’s for hand-washing,” I said.

The dad nodded seriously before he ever-so-gently began to wipe the baby’s hands.

I didn’t say a word.  I wouldn’t have dared to spoil that sweet moment.

Question #9:  Tell us about your family…

Answer:  I have three sons and two close-as-daughters.  They are all nearby.   Also, I have three grand-cats.

Question #10:  Do you have an all-time favorite character from all of your books?

Answer:  Copper Brown is my all-time favorite character. She allowed me to indulge my desire to bring the lost, long-ago baby to life.

Question #11:  Which was the easiest novel to write and which was the most difficult?

Answer:  Troublesome Creek was the easiest to write because I didn’t know how hard it is to write a book.  The second, Willow Springs, was probably the hardest because how do you top the first? Willow-Springs-200x300 Question #12:  When you get stuck, what inspires you or helps get you unstuck?  Please say chocolate….

Answer:  I just listen for the story and write as it unfolds.  (Chocolate gets me into trouble.)

Question #13:  Will you please share with us why you inscribe Isaiah 43:1-2 on each of your novels when you sign them?

Answer:  Sometimes when I am writing, a whisper of Scripture will come to mind.  When  it does, I stop and get out my concordance and look up the Scripture and ponder on it.  The first time this happened, I was twenty-four pages in on my first book, Troublesome Creek. Troublesome-Creek-cover2-199x300 This book is based on the wisp of a story my Granny told me when I was a girl.  It’s about a baby who drowned in a flash flood up a holler in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

Even tho’ the novel I penned was fiction, Isaiah 43:1-2 was a comfort to me as I wrote the character of Julie, a young mother who gave her life to save her baby. In my heart, I wrote the book to save the baby whom I unwittingly named Laura Grace.

Years later, I discovered the connection between my story and the real story when a reader sent me the biography of Nettie Alberta Myers.  Mrs. Nettie Myers, along with her husband, ministered at a Bible College in Van Cleve, Kentucky. On July 5, 1939, Frozen Creek flooded taking the lives of many residents of Van Cleve including Mrs. Myers’ husband, her two sons, and her baby girl. Little creek flooding When I opened the biography of that sainted woman, the Scripture from Isaiah fairly leaped from the page:

Isaiah 43:1b-2, says, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

I’ve since been honored to visit the grave of Mrs. Myers and lay copper-colored roses by the stone commemorating Lela Grace, her swept away baby.

God truly works in mysterious ways.


Wow!  Did you catch that amazing story? Go back and look at the babies’ names!!!  God is good.

Last fall, Jan had a book signing in Louisville.  Yes, I crashed the party for three reasons.  One:  if Jan is anywhere nearby, I don’t want to miss her, Two:  I’d ordered several copies of Buttermilk Sky, deeming them perfect Christmas gifts which she most graciously signed for some friends, and Three:  if you ever get a chance to hear her read from her books, it’s a priceless experience you do not want to miss. (You’ll never read her books the same without hearing her voice speaking to you. )

Jan reminded us she hails from Robertson County, and was raised on a tobacco and dairy farm.  She frequently got to visit her Granny in Breathitt County.

Her Granny had thirteen children, two of which died.  Her Pawpaw was a coal miner.  You may remember Skip Rock Shallows is set around a coal mine  and the eye-opening mishaps that can make or break you. Skip-Rock-Shallows-200x300 One consistent thread in all of her books is the presence of Eastern Kentucky culture.  She always honors these “strong and stalwart faithful people” because she feels they’re so often maligned. She also tries to make things fair in her novels since “too much is unfair in this world.” Amen and amen…

Finally, a teensy teaser from Jan’s most recent novel, Buttermilk Sky:  You’ve already heard from Jan of her fondness for Sherriff Chanis Clay and Mazy Pelfrey. (Pelfrey is Jan’s Mother’s maiden name.)

A mind boggling romance is already in place between Mazy and Chanis, complicated by a rather rich young man in Lexington, where Mazy is attending secretarial school.  Irony’s not lost on this fellow’s name, “Loyal”.  Chanis seems a tad more smitten than Mazy which complicates the Lexington locale.

Chanis travels back and forth from Skip Rock.  We readers begin wishing he were living in Lexington. Which suitor will Mazy choose?

Map Of Lexington Kentucky Will she uncover Loyal’s disloyalty?  Will she survive the frightening river episode?   Oh, dear friends, so many challenges.  How will Jan wrap this up? You know the answer…You must read Buttermilk Sky to find out!!!

One of many favorite parts where Jan incorporates God’s Word is found on page 171: “When Mazy was a girl, she had dreaded bedtime.  The darkness seemed to rush at her, trying to pull her under its monstrous wings and carry her away.  Her mother had taught her to recite a comforting Scripture when she was scared…

The words of Jesus were more soothing than any medicine could ever be.”  Old Holy BibleWithout realizing it, Mazy began reciting John 14:2-4,In my Father’s house are many mansions:  if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.  And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.”

Mazy’s friend Ernestine, listening said, “That’s so pretty…I like the way they sound.  Can I borrow your Bible sometime so I can copy them?”  Don’t you LOVE that???

I mustn’t give any more pearls away.  Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and grab Buttermilk Sky.

Or, try your chances first to WIN A FREE COPY!  Post a comment and my sweet husband will draw one of your names next Thursday.  I’ll contact you by email to find out where to mail the book.

‘Til next time!

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18 responses to “More Marvelous Minutes with Author Jan Watson, And FREE Book GIVEWAY of Buttermilk Sky!!! (Part 2 of Interview)

  1. Lauren Peege

    I was not familiar with Jan Watson’s book until I read your blog last week. I made a mental note to check her out next time I was at the christian bookstore. At work this week, a resident where I work ( Assisted Living Facility ) came up to me and said “I just read the best book. You like to read Christian fiction don’t you? I want to give you a book I just finished that was so good.”..well, guess what? she gave me “Tattlers Branch ” by Jan Watson! Two people telling me about this author ( in the same week) then plops the book into my hands! Well I am taking that as a sign I’d better start reading right away! It was meant to be!

    • Hey Lauren!
      So good to hear from you and what a huge God-incident that was with Jan’s book! You’ll love “Tattlers Branch”, and who knows, maybe you’ll win “Buttermilk Sky”!!! Hope you’ve survived the snow….Have a great weekend.
      Hugs over to you, Elizabeth =)

  2. Betsy Heady

    Thank you E for sharing your beautiful gift! I am always inspired to read the books that inspire you. Isaiah 43:1-2 is also one of my favorites and so comforting when the water is rough!

    • Hey Betsy! Glad y’all are back and am anxious to hear about your trip to Haiti!!! I miss you in Bible study. You should pop in and give us all a report. Hi to David & have a blessed weekend. xoxo

  3. Annie Van Vooren

    I have not read “Buttermilk Sky”; however, I have read and enjoyed every other book she has written. I recall many of the “medical remedies” she writes about from my childhood.
    Elizabeth, you should write a book. You are a wonderful communicator!
    Annie Van Vooren

    • Jan Watson

      Yes you should, Elizabeth.

    • Hey Annie!!!
      So fun to hear from you. I miss seeing you since we’re not out in Lake Forest anymore.
      I forgot to talk about Jan’s love for medicine. At the book signing I went to, she talked about her collection of old medical books. She said her friends collect cook books and she collects medical books! I always thought those tidbits in her novels were fascinating.
      Have a blessed weekend! Hope to see you soon.

  4. Kim Rose

    Such a good interview. I have to admit, I have never read Jan Watts. However, I would love to read Troublesome Creek. I too, have a past with floods. When I was 4, I was in a flash flood in WV. My mother, sister and grandparents were killed in that flood. My dad and I survived, but my dad lost his wife, child and parents all at the same time. Only by the grace of God did he make it. If it hadn’t been for his faith, I am not sure he would lived through it all. He too had lots of siblings (11). I am going to load this book on my kindle today. Thanks Elizabeth! I always love your writings. Kim

    • Hey Kim!
      Oh my goodness, I had no idea about your precious family in the flood! And your Dad left with you to raise! Amazing…What a blessing he had his faith! Gracious…You, too, are obviously an overcomer.
      I predict once you read one of Jan’s you’ll want to read them all…I have several if you want to borrow any!!! Hope you’re home enjoying ANOTHER LOAD OF SNOW!!!!
      Big hugs over to you =)

    • Jan Watson

      Kim claim Isaiah 43:1-2. I wish I could have met your dad.

  5. Barbara Hay

    I loved reading your interview with Jan Watts. Her incite to writing; simple and yet profound; “just listen to the story and write as it unfolds”. Isaiah 43:1-2 strengthens and encourages me in daily living. I’m inspired to read Jan Watts’ books. Thank you Elizabeth for writing this blog.

  6. Nancy Aguiar

    Thank you for this great interview, ladies! I LOVED the favorite nurse story! Actually, I loved the whole entry! Thankful for our beautiful quiet guest last night…she beckons me to shut down and read more today! Though my sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as SNOW! I think that may be part of the reason I LOVE SNOW so much! Such a picture of purity…

    • Nancy! Whatcha doin’ over there? Are you out making a SNOW ANGEL???
      Isn’t the nurse story the best???
      Yes Ma’am, you buckle down & read & recharge getting rid of that respiratory thing…Hope you’re better by now???
      Do you remember Beth Moore’s story of when she was @ the Cove and it snowed the next morning? That was her comment exactly re: tho’ her sins were scarlet, she was washed clean by the blood of Jesus, white as snow….love that….Love YOU!!!
      See you tomorrow if the roads clear????

      • Nancy Aguiar

        People confuse Beth and me all the time!! I get that a lot!! Haaaaaaaa! Hey, does two comments increase my chances of having John draw my name? Now, back to Buttermilk Sky! Page 241. Under the blankets, hacking away! But still extremely grateful…⛄️

    • Jan Watson

      Nancy, I have so many stories from my days as an R.N. I could write another book!