The Power of an Intentional Text….

Belated Easter Greetings! I pray you and your families had a most Blessed Easter.

Our family was beyond tickled to celebrate Easter. We had the awesome privilege of observing the new little cousins (now two years old) run and play together, while their new siblings, only two days apart (Now just three months old), slept or were passed around like a slow-mo football game.

Baby With Bunny

The “E.B.” (Easter Bunny) was good to all as we munched on jelly beans, peeps (!!!), and decadent dark chocolate dove chocolate eggs. Can you say, “Aren’t you forgetting something???”

Case in point: Friday afternoon (Uh, that would be Good Friday), I was scrambling thru’ Kroger’s aisles on the hunt for desserts to take to my brother-in-law’s on Sunday, as well as Easter basket “stuff” for our children. (Yes, our children are grown adults, but the “E.B.” can’t help herself.) Forever the procrastinator, thankfully supplies were still plentiful.

Easter Eggs

All of a sudden two texts beeped on my cell phone. The first of which was yet another storm warning. “Tornado watch and flood warning.” My first reaction was, “Great! My umbrella’s in the car!!!”

The second text stopped me in my tracks. I was so dumbfounded, that when a friend approached me and hugged me, all I could do was show her the text. (She, too, was playing beat-the-clock, buying a darling birthday cake for her daughter complete with peeps on top.) Hmmmm….again, aren’t we forgetting something???

“Oh my, “ she said upon reading the text. “Please forward that to me! I need it!!!”

Here’s the text:

“Hey Girls!

Just a reminder that JESUS died at the 9th hour, which is our 3:00 p.m. (Just thirteen minutes from now!!!) At that moment, the Temple curtain split symbolizing that we have DIRECT ACCESS to God!!!

Oh LORD JESUS we praise you and thank you.

May you ALL have a Blessed Easter.”

Concept conceptual black cross or religion symbol silhouette in

See what I mean? My cart and I came to a screeching halt. It was pitch black outside too, complete with a storm brewing. Coincidence? I think not.

A good reminder? I think so.

Not only did my dear friend, and mentor, and Bible study leader, Jane send this to me, but she sent it to our Wednesday group. She is always intentional with us. That just could be my favorite thing I love about her.

And my friend Teresa, whom I’d just run into, was blessed by her intentionality as well. I forwarded Jane’s text to her and she then shared it with her family. Ripple effects are a win-win!

One more powerful perspective on Easter,

      and the Power of the Resurrection,

           and the freedom that comes from forgiveness

hails from a favorite author of mine, Charles Martin. While it’s a long post, it is more than worth your time to read. Perhaps in snippets if your days are wild. You will be blessed. (It’s the post from 4/5 called What Now?)

May we all be more intentional post Easter….

Easter Christian Motive, Resurrection

‘Til next time!


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4 responses to “The Power of an Intentional Text….

  1. Jane Chilton

    Today dear one, I needed the reminder “to be intentional POST EASTER!” Thank YOU that in your writings, you are always intentional with us. Our LORD uses it to bless, encourage & challenge me!

    Love you dearly!

  2. lizcurtishiggs

    SO good, Elizabeth. One of the things I love about social media and all the ways we have to stay connected is we can help each other keep our eyes (and ears and hearts) tuned to JESUS. Yes, even at the grocery store! Lord, help us be intentional about our faith and look for ways to “encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today'” (Hebrews 3:13).

    • Yes Ma’am….we need to keep encouraging each other (one of YOUR many gifts!!!) in the Lord. Love that!!!! I’m off AGAIN to the grocery. Little ones coming for dinner tonight. See you next week!!! Glad to hear your book is 99.9% done!!! Can’t wait. Hugs across town.