Why Can’t Anyone See I’m Still Mourning??? GUEST AUTHOR Angela Correll Teaches About Grace While Mourning… PLUS FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!


Our gracious God orchestrated a connection with Stanford, Kentucky author, Angela Correll recently. Thanks to several friends, Jan Watson being one of them, our paths began to cross. (Jan was recently interviewed and featured here and here)

Additionally, Angela and I were connected via Nancy Sleeth as their husbands are friends and they share many interests. (Nancy also recently wrote a challenging article on Sabbath)

Next up, my buddy Judy Russell, (Hoping to hear from Judy in the next few weeks for you readers!) of the notorious Butter Babes, got to meet Angela when she was in Louisville doing a book signing at Carmichael’s for her novel GroundedJudy said, “You have GOT to meet Angela!”


 (***IF you comment at the end, you’ll be entered to win a copy of Angela’s book!***)

We (The Butter Babes) took it upon ourselves to take a road trip over to Stanford, become acquainted with Angela, and check out the farm-to-table restaurant she’s co-owner of, The Bluebird Café.   (www.bluebirdnatural.com )  Angela met us for a scrumptious lunch, even graciously treating us(!!!).  During lunch she and Fay realized they were at Georgetown College together, just a few years ago.  Can the world be any smaller?

Fay Bloyd, Angela Correll, Bonnie Johnson, Nancy Aguiar, Judy Russell and Yours Truly

Fay Bloyd, Angela Correll, Bonnie Johnson, Nancy Aguiar, Judy Russell and Yours Truly

bluebird salad

After lunch, Angela took us across the street to her darling store, Kentucky Soaps and Such.  We did some feverish shopping, including snagging some of her wonderful goat’s milk soaps and lotions and made-in-Kentucky gifts. (www.kentuckysoapsandsuch.com) Sidebar:  After running out of what I’d bought,  I ordered more products for myself and have given countless others away for gifts.  These have been a huge hit among my friends. My favorite is the body cream with the “summer rain” scent.

Kentucky soaps and such

A woman of many talents, Angela gave us tours of some of their newly renovated guest houses which are lovely. One of my friends booked one during Centre College’s graduation as they’re only ten miles from Danville.  These would be perfect for retreats, weddings, a romantic getaway, etc.  (www.wildernessroadguest.com )


Pictured here in the front row are: Nancy Aguiar and Bonnie Johnson. Back row, left to right is: Judy Russell, Fay Bloyd and Yours Truly

Pictured here in the front row are: Nancy Aguiar and Bonnie Johnson. Back row, left to right is: Judy Russell, Fay Bloyd and Yours Truly

The Butter Babes are pictured above on Angela’s front porch.  We loved seeing the goats wandering around whose milk they use to make the soaps and lotions.  Angela lives on this beautiful, rolling farm with her husband, Jess.  They raise grass-fed cattle, horses, goats and chickens.  (The Proverbs 31 Woman comes to mind.)


 A Time For Everything - Sunpic

by Angela Correll

There is a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance.” Ecclesiastes 3:4

A season of mourning used to be practiced in our country as a time set aside for people to show the signs of grief outwardly.

Most of us are only able to picture that kind of grieving because we’ve seen a movie like “Gone with the Wind,” where proper society demanded the bereaved wear black for a year and turn down social engagements.

But well into the last century, a time of mourning was still common practice, with department stores having entire sections devoted to mourning clothes. A bereaved person was given the time and space to properly mourn and heal the loss of a loved one.

Everyone who came in contact with a person in mourning understood that something quite devastating had happened. They were given a little extra understanding, more time to be out of a normal routine, and more patience in everyday expectations. The time periods allotted could be anywhere from a six months to a year.

We lost our son-in-law two years ago in April. We loved him as a person, but he was also husband to our daughter and father to our dear grandchildren, only three and five years old. It was unexpected and it was shocking.

For about two weeks, we were able to grieve and stop our normal routine, but work demands gradually pulled us back in, and we made the attempt to continue life as we had before since it seemed that was what was expected of us.

But that’s like walking out of the hospital after your foot has been amputated and having everyone expect you to start running again in two weeks. No one thinks that though, because the bandages are a visible reminder of the surgery. That’s where mourning clothes would come in handy. It’s that outward sign that says to the world, “Give this person some room. They are not whole yet.”

Just as when a person heals from surgery, the whole of their physical strength is working to heal the injured place. This means they’re left with very little energy to do anything else. It’s the very same with an emotional injury like grief.

By the end of that first summer, the smallest of tasks exhausted us. I realized we made a mistake by trying to get back to normal far too soon. Yet it seemed everyone around us expected life to go on as before, although it would never be quite the same for us again. I longed for the culture of mourning so I could wear a reminder to others that things weren’t quite right yet and to please give us a little extra grace.

Truthfully, I have done the same to others by carrying on with unrealistic expectations. And it’s unlikely our society will go back to the mourning period anytime soon. But, it did make me think about others who have suffered losses. Since they aren’t wearing black, I don’t always know, but maybe it’s the store clerk who was a little short with me when I asked a question; maybe it’s the church member who didn’t smile and greet me; or maybe it’s someone I do know is grieving.

Whatever the case, I hope I can give out an extra measure of grace, just in case.

Angela Correll is the author of Grounded and the upcoming novel, Guarded. www.angelacorrell.com

——————————————–THANK YOU, ANGELA!————————

From Elizabeth now:

What wonderful words to live by!  It’s a shame we grievers don’t still wear black beyond the funeral!  May we all be in tune to those around us who are grieving while extending more grace.

Angela, we cannot wait for your NEXT NOVEL, Guarded, to hit the stores!!!  Coming December 1st!!!  (By the way dear readers, if you’ve not read Grounded yet, be sure to do that before Guarded hits the bookshelves!  It’s a wonderful page-turner full of blessings and surprises.)

Here’s what we have to look forward to in Guarded:

“When restoration of the old stone house uncovers a family secret, Annie must travel to Italy to search out the answer, leaving her grandmother with a disruptive houseguest, and dealing with her own paralyzing fears about her relationship with Jake.  Guarded is the sequel to Grounded, a bestseller on Amazon in Christian fiction and contemporary romance.”

(Favorite four words in the above paragraph: must travel to Italy.  Mamma Mia.  You’ve got my attention!!!)

Blessings to you, Angela, and we hope to make another road trip your way real soon!

Seems we are all on the same page over mourning this week… Please read more words of encouragement from Kurt Sauter.

‘Til next time!



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  2. Can’t wait to read this book

  3. Nancy Wilcher

    Eager to read this book!

  4. Angela does everything first class. The cover of Grounded was as beautiful as the story between the pages. You go Girl. I knew your book would be a winner.

  5. Alice Miller

    I can’t wait for your new book

    • Hi Alice! I can’t wait for Angela’s new book, either! Thank you for commenting. I’ve been telling Angela to look at the comments! Have a blessed day. =)

  6. Loretta

    Enjoyed the article.

  7. Hi Cindy! Any friend, much less roommate (!!!) of Angela’s is a friend of mine! She is awesome. Thank you for commenting.


  8. jandpsdad

    I was blessed to spend quite a bit of time with Angela while we were growing up in Danville (Go Ads!). She was a dear, sweet young lady then and appears to be an accomplished one now. Congrats on your endeavors and books. I look forward to reading your book and enjoying some food at your restaurant.

  9. Morgan

    I love Grounded!! Enjoyed this post-thanks!

  10. Teresa Bachman

    Elizabeth, your words are often timely for me, and you have done it again. Grief is such an individual process and yet we need our friends and God as Kurt reminds us in his words. There are so many people around us who need our arm around them or our gentle words to allow them time to mourn. It may not always be from death——–a car wreck with injuries, a house fire, a child’s actions. Thanks for encouraging us. Love you, Friend! And can’t wait to read Grounded!

    • Hey Teresa! You are so sweet. Don’t forget most of this post is by Angela! She’s amazing. Maybe you’ll win Grounded in the drawing! John will draw next Thursday. Happy weekend…love up the hill to you,

  11. Susan Eisenmann

    Timely comments for me, Elizabeth, as a sweet friend across the country has just lost her spouse. I will be more sensitive to her grief process instead of pushing her to attend our family wedding this summer. Love how you write!

    • Hey Susan! Good info on grieving by Angela. She’s a gifted writer. Glad you enjoyed her post. We are in wedding mode, huh? Crazy. Good times. Hope to see you soon.

  12. I enjoyed perusing Angela’s website. Discovered that her novel has been made into a play and will be presented in July at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville. How exciting for her. I think we’ll visit the restaurant and take in the play. Won’t that be a fun evening!

    • Hey Joyce! Fun seeing you last week. That was a fun event. I totally forgot to put info in there about the play. Very fun. Double check the Bluebird’s schedule, I think they are only open for breakfast and lunch….there are other dinner spots tho! If you take in the play, let me know how it is! I loved the book. Hugs,

  13. Nancy Aguiar

    Angela, you wear a Garland of Grace! (It is true, and it is a fitting remark that goes well with Grounded and Guarded!) 🌹 I love you with an everlasting love! May our loving Father blanket you with His love! Need to see you soon!!! 💕

    Grand Slam, Hoagland, as usual!!!! ⚾️ Worship comes easily with your well crafted words! 💝Love you!

    • Nancy! You are hilarious. Thank you for commenting. Maybe John will draw your name next week! Angela said she will holler when she comes here for a book promotion. We will have to get her out for lunch or dinner. Prayers for Becky and baby. Love to you & Ron,

  14. Gwen Paten

    Thanks Elizabeth! You all look like you had a great road trip! Fun! I totally agree with her comments about grieving…I always said I was not ready for prime time/public places because I just wasn’t right! Bless the poor souls who ran into me & didn’t know or forgot I was in mourning I just was not in a head space to have a filter or care about anything but eternal matters. I’m not sure I’m much better today, but I do cover it up well now!!! Sounds like a good read. Love your writing as always!!!

    • Gwennie! Sweet Sister how you’ve taught us all so much on grieving. Love your daily dose of Holy Anethesia from Psalm 46. Pray you’ve had a ball with Bree & Tiff. See you soon! Oh my goodness our Bible study is so tough! David Platt minces no words. Ha.
      Love you!

  15. Elizabeth Jeffries

    Ok just downloaded Grounded! Sounds good and I am between books so good timing.

    Loved the blog as always. Thought of Cassie. Xxoo

    Elizabeth Jeffries RN, CSP – Certified Speaking Professional CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Certified Professional Talent Analyst Certified Professional EQ Analyst Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Author Louisville,KY USA w 502-339-1600 c 502-314-1178 http://www.tweedjeffries.com

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  16. Cindy Willison

    Angela is the “real deal” as far as Christian women go. I should know — I was her roommate before Jess took over. She is a sweet and gracious woman whose love for the Lord shines out in everything she does. She’s a wonderful travel companion (think trips to Chicago and Honolulu) and is always up for an adventure. Loved Grounded and can’t wait for Guarded to be released!