When a Film Crew Arrives on Your Doorstep….(Video to Accompany Liz Curtis Higgs’ New Book, It’s Good to be Queen—Becoming as Bold, Gracious and Wise as the Queen of Sheba will also release 7/21)

Monday mornings don’t especially thrill me. You?

Gifted at overcrowding my calendar, I have to mentally gear up for the week, fussing at my own self for what I signed up for.

Oh, but….this past Monday? This was sure to be a Super Special Monday. It was to be “filming day” in our home with my dear friend, Liz Curtis Higgs, who just happens to also be a fabulously talented author and speaker. www.lizcurtishiggs.com

Her new book, It’s Good to Be Queen: Becoming as Bold, Gracious, and Wise as the Queen of Sheba, releases July 21st  .  This past Monday featured Liz teaching five of my sweet friends, one-on-one, all about the Queen of Sheba from the ten chapters of her book. Thus July 21st is a double bonus day: Watch for the book at your favorite book store (or better yet, you can pre-order it from http://www.itsgoodtobequeen.me .  You’ll also receive Scripture cards with a quote from each chapter, only available by pre-ordering) plus the video will pop onto www.vimeo.com/lizcurtishiggs . Don’t forget:  July 21st!

The “film crew” arrived, pulling in behind Liz. What you may not know, also caused me to stand there, mouth agape: In strolls Bill, Liz’ dear husband, armed with lighting equipment, sound boards, cameras, tripods, and laptops. I still can’t figure out how he got all of that in his car!!!

Bill was followed by Beth Higgs, their darling-n-gifted daughter-in-law who would be filming the shoot. Beth was followed by Lilly, Liz and Bill’s very creative daughter who always blesses my socks off. Lilly was the tech consultant juggling all the Higgses which was sheer fun to observe. (A ten-talent family comes to mind.) Who knew?

All we were missing was a tub of popcorn!!!

Naturally there was a morning rainstorm. Thankfully the rain subsided as we unloaded Liz’ outfits. Never mind she had sloping hangers which allowed one top to spiral downward smack dab in the middle of a rain puddle. Thank you very much, Satan.

Ahhh, but we wouldn’t let him get us down. Liz asked if we could set up an iron and ironing board. Scurry we did. Hugely tickled at our efforts, I simply said, “It takes a village.” (A very fun one at that!)

Trying to think of everything which could potentially wreak havoc for a taping, we took our perpetual puppy, Gracie, to Tatter, a phenomenal dog sitter/whisperer for a “play day”. Then, I unplugged the phones.

Thinking all was set, I never considered our Grandfather clock which chimed all day long! Funnier, it’s twelve minutes fast (???), so while the film crew thought to watch for the hour, the clock chimed at twelve before the hour. By God’s grace, this did not ruffle their feathers. grandfather clock My post, a/k/a the “Holding Area”, was in Hubster’s  “Man Cave”. You must know this little cottage, across from our home, is the real reason we bought this house. Amazingly, females are allowed. (Kidding, sorta.)

While the crew was filming, I got to chat with whoever was next to be filmed.   When they finished filming with one gal, Bill would come to fetch the next “student”. For me, it was like having long lunches to catch up with my buddies. STELLAR. Man Cave So you can have a sneak peak into our day, let’s hear from my friends what Monday was like plus here’s a Scripture which depicts our day as well:

“Dear friends, let us practice loving each other, for love comes from God and those who are loving and kind show that they are children of God, and that they are getting to know Him better.” (1 John 4:7 TLB)

Liz Points Something Out

This is how each shoot mostly looked, with a side view of the student and Liz teaching. Pictured here is Amy Cooper. She was our youngest student and was amazing.

Liz with Amy

Liz also introduced each of her students so you could see a full shot of them as well.

Sherry Leavell said, “I’ve known of Liz Curtis Higgs for many years, having heard her speak and having been a fan of her books and Bible studies. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one and get to know her in person.

The one word that comes to mind and what I discovered is that Liz is authentic. I looked that word up and the definition says, ‘genuine, real, lack of falsehood or misrepresentation.’ It could’ve had Liz’ name beside the definition.

She’s the real deal. She laughs at herself, she loves the Lord, she loves God’s Word and she loves others. She made me feel so comfortable and affirmed.

Another blessing from the day is that I was able to share this experience with my daughter, Amy…One last thought: I do believe we turned John’s Man Cave into a Woman Cave for the day!.” Major laugh out loud…..

Elizabeth Jeffries said, “Elizabeth, I felt like a queen, even tho’ I missed the Tiara bit! Waiting my turn and chatting with you in the Man Cave, catching up with Bill and the Higgs gals, observing the elaborate production of the taping (wow!), learning about Sheba and laughing with Liz….All special moments! What a blessing this video will be to all of us!”

Diane Kennedy said, “Since I was the first session of the morning, I had the opportunity to see some of the technical set up with audio/video and to chat with Liz…As you know, the tech team was her family. Nothing more authentic than working with the ones who know you best! And they worked seamlessly! I sensed great respect and love for our Lord all around.

When the camera came on, Liz put me at ease right away with her charm and seasoned teaching skills! I honestly felt as tho’ I’d been to Bible study.”

Denita Arnold said, “Liz, your family is precious. I loved seeing the Higgs family in action as Kingdom workers. God is certainly blessing your efforts to show us all who HE is thru’ your wonderful encouragement and teaching. You are a treasure and I am so grateful to have been able to sit at a table with you.

It was an answer to prayer that I’ve prayed. I’d hoped that one day I would get to visit with you…anything else is just frosting.” Smile. Liz with Denita And, finally from Lizzie: “Elizabeth, What a blast we had, taking over your beautiful house on Monday! I loved meeting your friends one-by-one, and opening the Word with them. It was my joy to teach them, but even more thrilling to learn from their helpful comments. So FUN! We could never have done it without your superior hostess skills in the Man Cave. THANK YOU!”

Ah, well, dear, dear Liz, it was MY joy, honor, and privilege to be included. Our friendship is one of my favorite gifts from God.

Before we wrapped up, Liz and I did a brief shoot for the camera because she wanted to talk about our friendship and our mutual love of opening God’s Word together. We were going to do this first thing in the morning, but the set-up of all the equipment took longer than we thought, so we did this at the end of the day.

By this time, we were a tad on the slaphappy side, so for more giggles, we donned tiaras. Check it out: Liz Laughing with Elizabeth How many girlfriends can you do that with???!!!! Thank you Liz, Bill, Beth, and Lilly for a day beyond my wildest dreams. And many thanks to my good friends who dared to do something a little out of the ordinary, stepping out of their comfort zone. You will be blessed!!!

Don’t miss the Queen of Sheba (Crown Jewels) jewelry also available thanks to the wonderful women from www.vibellajewelry.com Vibella helps “provide employment, education, and opportunities to artisans in Hairi, Mexico and the United States.” It’s very affordable, adorable, and a wonderful way to help these ladies!

Let’s close with my top three favorite pieces of  “Wisdom from the Queen of Sheba” (out of ten!!!):

Encourage everyone who crosses your path.

Praise God in all things and in every season.

End well by loving well all the days of your life.” (From the final chapter in It’s Good to Be Queen.)

‘Til next time!


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  1. Judy Russell

    I had to chuckle as I read this. Film crews in your home can be fun or chaos! Sounds like the chaos was minimal and the day was a blessing! I need to order the book. Quick!

  2. Annie Van Vooren

    I have ordered the book!! Whenever this bible study is offered I want to be there!! Annie Van Vooren

  3. denita arnold

    Elizabeth, what a GLORIOUS day indeed. Thank you a gazillion times over for being lovely hostess that you are. And yes, thanks to John as well. I loved reading this recap of the day. It was like having it twice in one week. Lots of smiles here! You are a blessing! Keep writing friend! Much love, Denita

  4. Is envy really a sin? It sounds like a wonderful day! Can’t wait to see the book.

  5. lizcurtishiggs

    Oh, Elizabeth. I LOVE how you’ve captured so many memories of our special day together! I can’t BEGIN to thank you enough for your hospitality and kindness to everyone. We literally COULD NOT have done this day without YOU!!! Much love and deepest thanks, sweet friend. XOXOXOX

  6. Elizabeth Jeffries

    Elizabeth you did a fabulous job of capturing the magnificent day in this blog. Loved it and the memories of the day. Hugs and love, Elizabeth

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