A Resolution Worth Your Consideration…

Now that we’re in our LAST WEEK OF JANUARY, in hopes of encouraging you to consider something super simple, let’s review a post from last January.  May it bless you in your walk with the Lord and spur you on to take the time to read and study God’s Word.  In God’s economy, He will stretch your time…


Resolution, Schmezolution.

If I had a nickel for every New Year’s Resolution I’ve been-ever-so-desirous-of-but-ditched, I’d be rich. Same song, different year…How ‘bout you?

Therefore, I’m not making any resolutions this year…

Wide-eyed tho’ you may be, It was my resolution to not make any resolutions….

Until…..I came across a lovely idea we can all do. It comes from a book my friend Mary gave me by Henry T. and Richard Blackaby in their note worthy devotional, Experiencing God Day by Day. 

Experiencing god

The entry from December 23rd is entitled The Wisdom of Spiritual Checking. The Blackabys discuss how we’re all used to having our progress measured in lots of ways. For example, we’re given tests in school, employee evaluations at work, and let’s not forget those charming physical exams from your docs.

My doc had a sign that read:   “Eat Less. Exercise More” in every single exam room. I always challenged his nurses to place me in a room without that sign, but alas, they really were In. Every. Single. Exam. Room. (As were the obnoxious scales.)

Hiding Numbers

The Blackabys point out that while we’re measured in many areas of our lives, we’re rarely measured by our spiritual growth. We learn from Luke 2:52:


The Blackabys remind us of Paul’s words:   “When he was a new Christian, he behaved as a spiritual child, but as he matured in his faith, he began to act like a spiritual adult.”(1 Corinthians 13:11) They build their case by saying “There’s nothing wrong with acting like a baby when you are an infant, but…

… it is the obligation of every believer to strive for maturity.”

Hebrews 6:1 says, “Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity….” (ESV)

The Message is more my speed: “So come on, let’s leave the preschool finger painting exercises on Christ and get on with the grand work of art. Grow up in Christ. The basic foundational truths are in place: turning your back on ‘salvation by self-help’ and turning in trust toward God…”

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The Blackabys suggest, “It is helpful for you to measure the progress in your spiritual life from time to time.”

How, we wonder, would one do such a thing?  Our authors recommend we ask a mature Christian if our actions reveal our maturity. Another question to ask yourself comes from the Chairman of the Board of the school our boys used to attend (I’ll never forget it.): Are you more mature in your faith today than you were six months ago?

Photo of a funny surprised girl

I know, yikes! Let’s vow to pray about these questions this week.  Ask God to bring to mind someone you can ask about your spiritual growth. Dive into God’s Word, via a Bible study where your study and quiet time will become invaluable.


Women Bow And Pray

Checkout this inspirational quote from Kelly Minter in her “Morning Meditations” (http://www.kellyminter.com)

kellyminter-1546_final-200x300“Every moment we’re immersed in the Word is a moment with eternal ramifications.  All those moments add up, which is why it’s vital to make time for them each day.  To have a plan and to guard that plan…

At the top of 2016, may we allow the Word to give us understanding of God’s character so we can know who He is and how He acts….For His Word is a true mirror, refiner’s fire, healing balm, sure rudder, sheltering hull, map, light, hope, help, plumb line, and comfort.  May we let it do its’ work one day at a time.”

Checkout “But I Don’t Have Time for a Bible study” if you’re already trying to squelch this idea

‘Til next time!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this great insight. God’s blessing !

  2. Carol Bonura

    Great suggestions all! A similar book is Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney. He is the assoc. dean at Sou. Bap. Seminary in Louisville. Excellent topic for the new year.
    Carol Bonura

  3. deboracoty

    Great post Elizabeth; wishing you a happy and blessed 2016!

    • Hi Debbie!
      Happy New Year to you too! Can you believe January is almost gone?
      Thanks for the shout out on your blog. Always love your posts. Awesome.
      Will email you shortly re:a book order & a potential trip to Tampa. We “need” to rendezvous for certain.
      Big hugs your way,