Step Back into a Delightful Time With Bill Higgs’s Debut Novel, Eden Hill

Friends!  Exciting news! Bill Higgs’s debut novel, Eden Hill, is hitting bookshelves near you July 1st!

Eden HillI’ve just finished it.  I found myself helplessly captivated, not wanting it to end.  I felt as if the characters were going to walk in the room at any minute and join me for coffee.

The plot’s twists and turns completely blind-sided me.  I kept telling Hubster, “Oh my!  You will not believe this!”  (I wouldn’t reveal them, however, because I know he’s going to enjoy reading it himself.)

Bill’s been working on this novel for years. What a tremendous thrill to see it come to fruition, fresh off the Tyndale press.

The novel reminds me of an orchestra conductor directing different instruments to come in at certain points:  First strings, then horns, then woodwinds, then percussion, all the while building to a gigantic crescendo, for the grande finale.  This is what Bill has done with his characters: their transformational story develops until the very last word.

Symphony Orchestra

While the story’s set in Kentucky in the early 60’s, Bill includes everyday problems you and I encounter in today’s crazy culture.

See if any of these happen in your household:

1 – Dealing with competition while maintaining your faith

Romans 12:15 haunts the pages:

Can you rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn?  This is where lessons in grace are woven beautifully throughout.

2 – Struggling with keeping your integrity

We know what’s right, but are we willing to follow thru’?

Romans 7:15 is sprinkled across the pages as well:

Romans 7-15

This gets the best of some of Bill’s characters just as it does you and me.

3 – Juggling change versus staying the same

Must we move beyond our comfort zone? This really hit home for me…Watch as this takes place in Eden Hill where time was standing  still until…

4 -Racial issues

This is gut wrenching, but so key to this era. Witness how the glorious Gospel unfolds.  (This is one of my favorite parts.)

5 -Financial stress/secrets

Can you pretend everything’s okay when your life’s about to crumble?  See how some of the characters have an inkling to one couples’ woes and offer food at the perfect time. More grace.

business, people, finances, crisis and money saving concept - bu

6 – Marital strife

Could a silly ole’ magazine article possibly wreak havoc in a marriage?  Supports one of my theories:  Satan is slick as slick can be, aiming a target straight for your marriage, or any other thing you hold dear.  Virgil and Mavine don’t know how good of a marriage they have until they have to find out for themselves.

Beautiful Flowers And Wedding Bell

7 -Challenging church member

Every single preacher (Let me say that again:  Every. Single. Preacher.) should be gifted with Eden Hill because I’m sure there’s one challenging soul (at least) in every congregation.  Your preacher will relate on every level with Reverend Caudill.

The First Baptist Evangelical Church is blessed (or cursed!) with a cranky congregant who calls Reverend Caudill every Monday morning complaining about his most recent sermon…

How could redemption be a remote possibility?  Here’s where Ephesians 3:20 comes in and you will literally fall out of your chair upon experiencing this in the story:

Ephesians 3 20

8 -Disciplining children

You don’t want to miss this creative idea—Mavine’s Mothering kills me.  Wish I’d thought of it!

Another plus of the book:  Bill’s dry wit throughout keeps you chuckling.   This was a fun surprise for me.

Even better, while this is considered Christian fiction, I believe a seeker or non-believer would be drawn to the Lord from this novel.  Bill sprinkles Biblical truth, and the Gospel within the story, sure to grab the reader’s attention.   (Pray about who  you should give it to!)

Additionally, I must reveal I’m blessed to call Bill and Liz Higgs dear friends. Liz will tell you right out of the gate she did not read Bill’s book until it was completed.  She wanted it to be all his.  And while we’re friends, I promise I’m being completely honest and candid about this review.

Before we see some endorsements, please enjoy a couple of my many favorite quotes from the book:

People aren’t meant to be fixed; people are meant to be loved.”

We’re all neighbors.  Sometimes we’re even kin.  We just need to learn to act like it.

I’m not the only one who loves this book… Look at what well-known author, Jerry Jenkins says in his endorsement  of Eden Hill:

“I just flat loved this!  You’ll forget by page two that Eden Hill is Bill Higgs’s debut novel.  This is a curl up and settle in delight that pitch perfectly evokes 1960s Americana.  Poignant, funny, moving, and touching without detouring into sentimentality, it’s like an evangelical Lake Wobegon.  Higgs is generous with every scene, lingering long enough to deftly decorate every detail.”

Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the Left Behind series.

Eden Hill also received a coveted starred review in  Library Journal, and has been designated DEBUT OF THE MONTH!  After the review, Library Journal says their verdict is:  “Higgs’ first novel will resonate with baby boomers everywhere as his characters struggle to cope with the revolutions of the tumultuous 1960s while holding on to the reassurances of the past.  Recommended for fans of domestic fiction.”

Say no more, right?  Now, make a mad dash to the bookstore so you too can enjoy Eden Hill.

Way to go, Bill!

I pray everyone has a super safe and fun Fourth of July.

‘Til next time!




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5 responses to “Step Back into a Delightful Time With Bill Higgs’s Debut Novel, Eden Hill

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  2. Elizabeth, all I can say is Wowwowwow!!! What a lovely (and humbling) review! I’m left with the feeling that Eden Hill has moved far beyond what I wrote in its words, and has taken on a glorious and grace-filled life of its own. Your review shows, once again, that the Gospel has power far beyond our own, and has unexpected and amazing impace beyond the words we deliver. Soli Deo gloria.

    • Amen and congratulations! We are so excited for you! This is going to be fun to watch as I believe there will be a beautiful ripple effect.
      Prayers covering you and Liz and Eden Hill!
      Hugs from here,

  3. lizcurtishiggs

    Elizabeth, your kind words and generous spirit are truly AMAZING! I love Bill’s novel, and am thrilled you do too. EDEN HILL has been unfolding for most of our marriage…and we just celebrated 30 years together! It’s a prayer come true, that’s certain. Thanks be to God! (And a big hug to YOU!).