How About JOMO vs. FOMO?

Friends!  Anyone besides me stricken with FOMO?  (Fear of Missing Out…)

Growing up a “lonely only”, being invited and being included were paramount to me.  Many times, especially in college, even if I was invited to do something I didn’t really want to do, I’d still say, “yes…”

Fast forward a few years as we grow up and have children. Suddenly we realize our busyness has filtered down to them and they are doing the same thing!?!  Huh?  FOMO is a by-product of our culture, I’m sorry to say. Fill, fill, fill that calendar.

However, many of you are brave naysayers. You’re strong enough to say “No, thank you very much, maybe next time.” I applaud you.

Potential solution?  Our sweet daughter-in-love, LT, just taught me a new term.  It’s become my new goal.  Call me crazy.

The term?  JOMO….Ready?  It stands for the Joy of Missing Out.  Being joyful when you answer, “no thanks” and relishing your time at home.

Lately John and I’ve been staying home more.  Some nights we enjoy being wedding crashers from our front porch when there’s a wedding nearby at Locust Grove.  We listen to the music and sometimes dance in our driveway.  (Shhh, don’t tell the neighbors.)

Sometimes turning down an invitation blesses your marriage, your rest, and replenishes you with joy…

I recently read where the words “joy”, “rejoice”, and “joyful” are in the ESV Bible four hundred and thirty times.  What does that tell you?  Being joyful is pretty important to our Lord! Being joyful = JOMO!

Let’s savor my TOP FIVE VERSES ON JOY:  Then YOU choose which are your favorites. (Extra bonus:  If you go to: , you’ll find “100 Verses About Joy” you can skim and choose some more. Problem is, they’re all good—and that, my friend, is a most excellent problem!)

Simply read thru’ the below verses. Allow them to soothe your soul:

In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!”

May we all strive to find JOMO.  It’s a heck of a sight superior to FOMO.  Trust me on this one.


‘Til next time!



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14 responses to “How About JOMO vs. FOMO?

  1. Linda Clement

    I as I get older, it is easier to choose to stay home. I have to say, I still love to be invited. Retirement brings a time of refreshment as you learn the joy of a life less full of things. However, even now, we still have to watch or we find ourselves completely spent by busyness. I always enjoy reading whatever you share with us my friend.

  2. Nancy Aguiar

    YESSSSSSS! Love JOMO!!!! When you age a little more, it becomes JWMA…Joy Without Missing Anything! Haaaa! It’s also called LIVING ABUNDANTLY! Live free, love now, dance much, sweet lady! My DARLING Elizabeth!!! 🎉

  3. Linda

    I enjoy being invited. When I go today, I realize I have made a choice to go. When I’m home and somewhat feeling sorry for myself, I realize that is a choice also. Being responsible for my choices and accepting that whatever I do is my responsibility makes me open to listening for God’s will for me. If I’ve done to much, it’s joy not fear. JOMO is possible, and it is true joy.

  4. Dana Gwinn

    I know FOMO, but JOMO? I couldn’t imagine what it stood for. But now that I know, I’m going to embrace it & run with it! Thanks E😘

    • Hey Dana! I, too, was thrilled to learn about this. There’s a Canadian author who wrote a book with JOMO in title back in 2015. Missed that entirely! Oh well…onward we roll…hugs😘😘

  5. What delightful permission we have in the Lord. Thank you for such an inspiring reminder straight from Scripture…(straight from the horse’s mouth sounds irreverent).

  6. Cassie

    Trying to enjoy this advice…..then to do it !!!! Could be a challenge, but have found I love when I do stay home

  7. Bonnie

    Thank you for sharing this joy, sweet Elizabeth!! I think it’s one of the key coping mechanisms of this life – find the gratitude in each circumstance and the joy flows. Blessings with you, my friend! 🙂