When Your Proficient Procrastination Backfires… (Part 1 of 2) plus FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Friends! Any procrastinators out there? I thought I was at a professional, proficient level until three recent occurrences taught me otherwise…

I’ve been a practicing procrastinator since college. (Scary math:  thirty-six years ago. Oh my.) Pulling all-nighters, accompanied by more than one human’s caffeine quota should allow, I scrambled thru’ four years of college with so-so passing grades.

This past April, a new friend of John’s sent him a One Year Bible published by the folks at Walk Through the Bible, called The Daily Walk Bible:  Explore God’s Path to Life. This Bible is in the New International Version. Ever the optimist, John jumped in regardless of the fact that January was way in the past.

I have several friends who’ve read thru’ the Bible in a year’s time, some more than once. I confess I’ve successfully avoided  it until now. Plus, I concluded that if, and that’s a big IF I were to attempt such, I’d much prefer to read it in the New Living Translation.

I toted John’s new Bible with me when I visited Liz Curtis Higgs one day, showing it to her.  I was relieved to discover she was in the same boat as me, not having bitten the bullet to take on such a project.  She was also in agreement that if she did jump in, she, too, would prefer the New Living Translation.

Fast forward to Mother’s Day weekend.  Gordy and Lauren were in town and the one request I uttered was for Gordy to go thru’ his college “stuff”, still in his old room. (Trying to be tactful here.)

The piles stressed me out every time I walked by his room. (He might have a few procrastinator skills in him too given he’s been out of college six years.)

Mission accomplished, all he left for me to go thru’ was a pile of books. Later that day, I divvied them up into books to be taken to the Christian Book Nook (They’re at 2116 S. Preston St. in Louisville.), while the others will be donated to the Little Free Libraries in town.

When I reached the bottom of the pile, one super thick book stopped me in my tracks.  Get ready for this: It was The One Year Bible.  Guess which version?  Oh yes, it was in the New Living Translation.

Having no recollection of having bought this book, I opened the first page. There, in my Mother’s handwriting, was her name:  Anita Mills. I nearly dropped it like a hot potato.

I dashed down the stairs to show John.  He said, “Wow, now what are you going to do?”

“Well,” I hesitated, “I may start in 2019.”

Now on a roll of decluttering, I made one more round of checking for books to donate or sell, stopping in Woody’s old room. I found a few to clear out the shelves, stopping at a thin, purple, paperback book.  This time I gasped when I read the cover:  No More Excuses! An almost too-practical guide to reading through your Bible—Especially for Women by Pam Gillaspie.

“What?” I hollered out loud, now rushing down the stairs again to show John. We then opened the title page, and Pam, the author, had signed the book for me, see below:

I have zero recollection of this book, either, much less how these books have been in our house for nearly eight years without my knowing about them.  Either my Mom is shouting down from Heaven to me, or the Lord is saying, “It is time you read my Word ALL THE WAY THROUGH.”

John grinned and said, “NOW what are you going to do?”

To which I’m ashamed to say, I replied, “I’ll think about it.” (CAN YOU SAY, “STUBBORN-AS-A-MULE?”)

The following day I drove to Lexington as I was meeting my buddy, Nancy Sleeth, to walk and have lunch.  I toted the two books to show her and find out if she’d read thru’ the Bible before.

She’s done so nearly every year (of course she has), however this year she had not, being busy with editing Matthew’s new book.  She quickly offered, “You know, I’ve really missed my daily readings.  My One Year Bible is EXACTLY LIKE YOURS!”

Before I could comment, she said, “Let’s do this together!  I’m ready to jump back in!”

Now what do you say to that? I stammered, “Uh, well, ok…when do you want to start?  July 1st?” (We were at the end of May by this time.)

“Nope,” Nancy said quite matter of factly, followed by a declaration:  “Let’s start June 1st!” I had no argument left in me…

Matthew prayed a commissioning prayer over both of us, reminding us God’s grace will cover us when we miss a day here and there.  Is God in the details or what?

Not wanting Liz to feel left out (!!!), I decided she needed a Bible just like Nancy’s and mine.  Dubbing it an “early birthday gift”, I told her the story and invited her to join Nancy and me.

God bless her, Liz jumped in head first, joining us on the Summer Solstice, and so, now we are three. (Fun sidebar: The day we celebrated her bday early, Liz and I went and had our nails done. Don’t hers look beautiful in the below pic? And an even better sidebar: CND Nails gives the best pedicures EVER in their 26 new chairs. Call (502)894-4445 if you live in or near Louisville. You’ll never leave the chair!) Back to our new mission…

Friends, there’s NOTHING like accountability. I’d LOVE for you to jump in with us, with whatever version you prefer. 

Comment “Count me in!” if you’d like to join Liz, Nancy and me. Your name will go into a drawing over the next two weeks (more to this story next week). One lucky person will win a copy of the same One Year Bible we’re reading.

Pray about it. I’ll give you more reasons for jumping in with us next week.

’Til next time!



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16 responses to “When Your Proficient Procrastination Backfires… (Part 1 of 2) plus FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!

  1. Marsha Cloud

    Count me in

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  3. Sarah Garwood

    You will be blessed by reading the DAILY WALK ONE YEAR BIBLE!! That’s how I finally got through the Bible a few years ago, and have done the NIV & NLT (I like NLT for Old Testament, but not for the New as much.) Then I did the One Year Chronological Bible. Don’t get discouraged in the long Old Testament! (I don’t care for the one that does Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs each day.) So glad you have partners in this endeavor! Love, S

    • Thx for this, Sarah! It’s amazing how many different options there are out there! In my post for this week (soon to be up on my blog) I tell of yet another one, The Wayfinding Bible, which looks super neat. I have a couple of friends like you who’ve recommended the Chronological Bible. I may have to try a different one each year! I’m 30+ days in now, stay tuned. Hope to see you at Book Club this fall if not before! Hugs😘📚

  4. Count Me In!! I just needed a push to participate in reading the Bible completely and the accountability motivated me to get started.

    Mary Lou

  5. Shirleygarwood

    Loved it. A lot of God-incidences!

  6. Shirleygarwood

    Loved this. A lot of God-incidences!

  7. Annie is in. Just ordered mine as I’m traveling home from NC. It does take being accountable to accomplish this I’ve got a month of catching up to do. Thanks for the challenge. I remember so well Bob Benson (Praise Gathering) years ago saying he was a slow reader because he did not want to miss a single and, it, but,the😄. I totally relate. Blessings. Annie Van Vooren

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  8. Great encouragement, Elizabeth. As always, your post is well done and a challenge, too. Love and blessings~

  9. deboracoty

    Love this, Elizabeth. There’s definitely strength in numbers!

  10. Linda Clement

    I am in! I don’t need the copy you will give away, but a little accountability would be nice. I have a new CSB Bible my son gave me for Mother’s Day. It has a reading plan included. My son works for Lifeway and he introduced me to this version. I really love it. I will be picking up in the book of Joshua. It is a good place for me to start as we studied Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers in my Community Bible Study class this past year and I have read Deuteronomy this summer. I am thankful for this challenge. It gives me a push to continue on s disciplined path! Hope you have gotten a little rest this summer as you had a lot on your plate! 💕🙏

    • Yay! So glad you’re joining us!

      I’m not familiar w/the CSB. I’ll check it out next time I look something up on Bible Gateway. I always like looking at 3 different versions side by side. I forgot about your son being at LifeWay. So neat!

      Hope Lee is continuing to recover and heal. Praying for you too!

      I’m off for a nap. Had Claire a good part of the day and am wiped out! A good tired, tho’.👼🏻🙏🏼

      Love across the river!