About Elizabeth

John and me

John and Me

Elizabeth Hoagland is a stay-at-home Mom who’s never home in Louisville, Kentucky.  She is married to her tall, adventurous, and way-handsome husband, John.  They are blessed with three grown sons:  John Jr. , Gordy , and Woody.

My “4” boys, Left to right: Gordy, John Jr., John Sr., and Woody


Elizabeth and John are also blessed with three delightful-n-darlin’ daughter-in-loves: LT who married Woody 6/28/14, Lauren who married Gordy 9/27/14, and Diana who married John Jr. 4/23/16.


Lauren & Gordy are pictured in Lexington in front of the fountain by Rupp Arena (GO CATS!) where they currently live. Thankfully, they’re only seventy-five miles away.


Heaven-like with our three beautiful daughter-in-loves! Left to right: Diana, Lauren, LT and Yours Truly

Heaven-like with our three beautiful daughter-in-loves! Left to right: Diana, Lauren, LT and Yours Truly


Pictured here on our recent trip to Cinci, Woody & LT look too cute in front of an enormous Christmas tree.

Pictured here on our recent trip to Cinci, Woody & LT look too cute in front of an enormous Christmas tree.


Here are our newlyweds on their honeymoon in Naples, FL this past April of 2016.

Here are our newlyweds on their honeymoon in Naples, FL this past April of 2016.


Wedding photo 2

Here’s our very full-n-fun quiver. Left to right: Gordy, Lauren, Hubster John, Yours Truly, John Jr., Diana, Woody and LT


It’s a toss up as to who was more excited at The Big Reveal Party on 12/14/16 when we learned John Jr and Diana were having a girl! (Hey, after having 3 boys for 30 years, come on!)


Pictured here at 5 months, Claire Elizabeth was born 5/9/17. What a little miracle. Thank you, Lord.


Elizabeth and John were blessed to have Gracie inhabit their empty next until January 2019 when she sadly died of cancer at only 7 1/2 years of age.

Where oh where is Gracie?

Where oh where is Gracie?


Elizabeth enjoys reading, teaching and participating in Bible studies with girlfriends, writing, traveling and eating more than her fair share of dark chocolate. Elizabeth and John love logging many miles walking, usually with Gracie in tow, but if on a beach, they mimic Forrest Gump.


Claire turned 2 on 5/9/19 (John Jr. and Diana are her proud parents, now also expecting Baby Charlotte 9/1/19!)


Woodford Lee Hoagland, Jr. a/k/a “Ford,” here at 2 months old, entered our family on 3/18/19 (Woody and LT are his proud parents.)


Henry Pierce Hoagland, here at 1 month old, entered our family on 4/22/19 (Gordy and Lauren are his proud parents.)

21 responses to “About Elizabeth

  1. Arlene Dilley

    I would like to hear more

  2. Robin Chaddock

    When is your book coming out, Elizabeth? I want to come to the launch party!

  3. Hi Elizabeth… thanks for mentioning Bob Buford’s “Halftime” book in your blog. It came up in a Google alert today.

    I am a Louisville native though I haven’t lived there in 20 years. My wife, daughter and I live in Dallas now where Bob’s Halftime ministry is based. But all of my family still live in and around Louisville, including my Dad, step-mom and a few aunts, uncles, cousins and old friends who are members of Southeast CC (since you mentioned the church as well).

    Thanks again for the mention. See more about our work around the would at http://www.halftime.org. God bless,

    Tim Dukes

    • Hey Tim! Thanks so much for your response. Neat to know your connection w/”Half-Time”…such a great book, concept, etc. AND your Louisville connection! Please tell me you’re a UK fan(!!!)…If you know of Southeast, you probably remember Bob Russell. His wife Judy is in charge of the women’s portion of the North American Christian Convention which will be here in July. (www.gotonacc.org Fabulous speakers/authors/preachers are coming if you need an excuse to visit family!!! ) Bob and Judy are dear friends and I’m blessed to be serving on the committee with Judy for the women’s events. I thought of a book you may wish to use w/the Half-Time conferences as an additional resource. It is a new book by Matthew Sleeth, MD called “24/6–A Prescription for a Healthier , Happier Life”. It is excellent–all about keeping the Sabbath. The first chapter will hook you. We are having Matthew & his wife, Nancy, who also has a neat book (“Almost Amish”) speak at a ministry wives’ breakfast during the conference. I was blessed to meet them when they spoke here last fall. They live in Lexington. A friend of mine’s daughter works for them at their company Blessed Earth. Just FYI. (You can see more about their books in entries on this blog from 11/5, and 2/13.) Big Blessings to you and your ministry and your family. Thanks again!!!

      • Thanks for the extra info on the book and event, they both sound great. And good to see the update on Bob & Judy Russell too.

        And yes, lifelong Big Blue fan. I have no red in my wardrobe, though I was thrilled to see the Cards go all the way this year. I guess that means I’ve finally forgiven Pitino… ;>)


  4. Cyndi Moreno

    Hi Elizabeth! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and your 2013 is off to a great start! I’m so glad to have found your blog. I am grateful for your encouraging words and am excited to be able to read and share your blog with others. Whether I am in your presence, reading your emails or enjoying your blog, I am always reminded of Romans 8:16 (because the Spirit testifies on YOUR behalf). I can’t wait to see what this year will hold as you share your gifts with others. Blessings to you and all that you do! Cyndi

  5. Your blog is exudes enthusiasm, Elizabeth, (just like you), for the Lord, for family, for writing, for reading. Wonderful job! I can hardly wait to see all that is ahead for you. Soar, my sweet friend.

  6. Kim Rose

    Elizabeth, I am so glad I came across your blog…someone posted it on FB. It is so inspiring and encouraging. You are an awesome writer. I always loved it when you had something in the Outlook. Merry Christmas to you and your handsome family. Kim Rose

  7. Judy Russell

    Bless you my Dear Friend – I am so full of joy and proud of you for jumping into the blogging world and sharing with so many more people. Your creative writing runs over with wit, humility, excitement, insights, love for people and books and especially your love for our precious Lord and Savior!
    I am so glad to have had you as a friend for nearly a quarter of a century! And to see your giftedness come through in this remarkable new venture.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I told Kelly, my “angel” who helps me w/this,that every time she sends me “we are now LIVE”, as in posting the blog, my stomach does butterfly flips!!! Please keep holding my hand! Thanks for holding me up , lo, these many years. Love you!!!

  8. Lisa Zaring

    So glad you’re expressing your love of christ through writing- one of your many gifts!! Love you!

  9. Jan Watson

    Great to see you via Blog, Elizabeth. Keep on keeping on.

    • Jan!!! So fun to hear from you. Let me just take a sec to inform anyone reading about YOU since I’m your biggest fan. Y’all go to: http://www.janwatson.net to learn more and to read her blog! Our Book Club recently read Jan’s most recent novel, “Skip Rock Shallows”.It’s my favorite of her 6 so far. But, I betcha when her 7th book comes out, I’ll say IT’s my fav. I “discovered” Jan in Lex., KY at a Book Fair some years ago & she’s blessed our Book Club by visiting us several times. Love & hugs over to Lex., Jan! Hope to see you soon! KEEP WRITING!!! (More on Jan down the road in a blog post)

  10. Nancy Aguiar

    Describing you in six short sentences is so wrong! You are SO MUCH BIGGER… Love that we share enriching friendship for all eternity! It won’t be long enough… So proud of you, precious!

  11. marilynnswan@insightbb.com

    Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for your blog. I’m especially appreciative since I can’t fly ( medical reasons) so depend on friends like youto take me on a virtual tour. Wonderful pics and great information.Enjoy the details ( get in early and promptly out), plus history and Ialian philosophy of slow down and savor the meal. And, of course, appropriate scripture for the moment’s challenges and blessings. Lunch before or after the holidays? Football play-offs and martial arts international competition keep us hopping. City on a Hill film coming up, fund-raising dinner the 8th. Might see you all there? Oh yes, nice dedication. Very nice. 2Timothy 1:3, Marilynnn Swan McCoy

    • Hey Marilynn!!! Great hearin’ from ya. Your two Elizabeth friends are certainly smitten by Italy & all it has to offer!!! Hope to see you soon. I’m writing about the new book club next. Stay tuned. =) Hugs

  12. Deborah Claypool

    So excited for you, Elizabeth! I look forward to many good reads.

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