Meet My Friends

The Abbies! L to R: Reggie Willinger, Lynn Reece, Betsy Heady, Jane Chilton, Doris Bridgeman, Yours Truly, Gwen Paten


L to R: Marte Hoagland, Lisa Zaring and Yours Truly


One of many friends thanks to book club, my buddy Shirley Garwood, from Indiana. We’ve been meeting for lunch and shopping (!!!) for years.


Jane and me on WHAS 11 with Rachel Platt LIVE the day of my book’s launch. We were Nervous Nellies, but Rachel put us at ease.


Jane and I road tripped it up to Columbus, IN to meet our friend, Ginny Crowe at Tina’s Tea Room for a fun lunch.


Lizzie with my editor, Becky Nesbit, whom I’ve yet to meet in person! They were at the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference.


John’s Family. Top L-R: Billy & Marte, John & Yours Truly. Bottom L-R: Bill, Van, Margee and Adeline


Blessings on Burlington. L to R: Sherry Leavell, Mary Young, Kathi Marshall, Valerie Ducas, Shelba Luvin, Amy Miller, Yours Truly, Susan Bush, Buff Fallott, Margee Rulketter, Denise Seiz, Kathy Bloch and Lisa Wheeler (not pictured: Lindsey Layton, Diane Kennedy, Phylis Semple, Lynn Kunau, and Aletia Thompson)


Party favors of Mrs. Oswald Chambers by my friend Michelle Ule. L to R: Mary Young, Aletia Thompson and Diane Kennedy


Two more road trip buddies ready to go in a jiff are Sherry Leavell and Judy Russel. This particular lunch date had Judy driving from Port Charlotte to Ft. Myers while Sherry and I drove up from Naples.


Two dear friends and mentors: Elizabeth Jeffries Tweed and Naomi Rhode


The ever popular She Speaks conference in July 2017. This was the night Lizzie and I got to sit back and enjoy Chrystal Evans Hurst speak and the very same night Liz complimented me on my nail polish. “Oh, thx, it’s called ‘Let’s Be Friends.” She immediately said, “THAT would be a great book title!” And the rest, as they say, is history.


Claire came to her first Bible study at our Blessings on Burlington’s summer gathering.


Man’s best friend, our wild child, Gracie.


Lisa Zaring and I enjoy a lovely NYC wedding with hubbies and friends.


The Hoagland Family


L-R: Meredith Myers, Doris Bridgeman, Jane Chilton, Denise Seiz, Yours Truly, and Gwen Paten


L-R: Gwen Paten, Jane Summay, Lynn Reece, Amy Groves, Yours Truly, Judy Russell, Jane Chilton


The night we found out we had a granddaughter coming! L-R: Woody, LT, John Sr., Yours Truly, Diana, John Jr., Lauren and Gordy


One of our 1st Pilates by the Pool sessions. L-R: Lindsey Layton, Pamela, Shaw, and Yours Truly


First group of my prayer warriors. L-R: Yours Truly, Doris Bridgeman, Becky Pippert and Jane Chilton


L-R: Lindsey Layton, Christine Davis, Yours Truly and Gwen Paten before a book club meeting with Christine speaking.


Gwen Paten & Yours Truly before our big Christmas Tea at Southeast.


One of my guardian angels, Margaret Julian


Butter Babes – Top L-R: Judy Russell, Nancy Aguiar, Bonnie Johnson. Bottom L-R: Yours Truly and Fay Bloyd


YaYas – Top L-R: Bev Fleece, Yours Truly, Susan Bugh and Kathy Daniels. Bottom L-R: Denise Seiz and Jayne Combs


Ya-Yo’s in Training. Top L-R: John Hoagland, Jr. Woodford Hoagland, and Matt Fleece. Middle L-R: Drew Combs, Gordy Hoagland, and Matt Daniels. Bottom L-R: Megan Fleece Mudd, Whitney Bugh Busse, Kaitlin Daniels Nourse, Morgan Fleece Edwards, and Alyson Seiz Johnson. Not Pictured: Auston Seiz and Taylor Bugh


One of the MANY showers the YaYas hosted. L-R: Jayne Combs, Kaitlin Daniels Nourse, Kathy Daniels, Denise Seiz, Alyson Seiz Johnson, Yours Truly, Morgan Fleece Edwards, Megan Fleece Mudd, Bev Fleece & Susan Bugh


The very shoes Kathy Daniels wore to the Heisman Trophy Awards when Joe’s QB, Troy Smith, won.


It’s a Pandora Thing! The YaYas and their bracelets with coveted charms oozing with memories.


Jane Chilton and I road tripped it to Nashville to be in the filming of one of Liz Higg’s Bible Studies. We couldn’t miss fried chicken and biscuits at the Loveless Cafe!


In the studio for the taping, Jane and I share a million laughs with our talented buddy, Liz Curtis Higgs.


Meredith Myers and I have a fun dinner out in Nashville.


Butter Superior (Judy Russell) at a fun tea en route to Lexington for a Beth Moore conference.


Nancy Aguiar sports another hat for tea!


Of course everyone needs 50 colored pencils for one’s 50th birthday?!


Judy Russell & Bonnie Johnson


Nancy Aguiar and Fay Bloyd await our lovely tea.


Sherry Leavell and Yours Truly


Sherry and Laura Leavell


Nancy Sleeth and me in Lexington.


Shelba Luvin who moved here from St. Louis. Funny story here: We have a mutual friend in St. Louis who sent me Shelba’s contact info. I invited her to Bible study, but she was remodeling her house. Her NEXTDOOR neighbor also invited her to our Bible study. Same exact one. And boom, Shelba became part of Blessings on Burlington. I love how the Lord works!


Sarah Grace Boyd, a/k/a “Little Bit” and one of our Butter babes in Training


Becky Aguiar Jarrell, another “Butter Babe-in-Training”


Denita Arnold


My friend Diane Carter, cheftelle extraordinaire with her hubby, Terry, and granddaughter, Precious Quinn