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You’re Invited to Book Club Next Monday, 3/25. Author Angela Correll is sending us a video! Come one, come all!

Friends! Fill your car with your best buddies and head to Middletown United Methodist Church next Monday night for what will be a super fun book club meeting.  We will be discussing Angela Correll’s novel, Granted.  Angela is making us a personalized video which will also add to our evening.

Granted  is the third of the May Hollow Trilogy, following Grounded and Guarded. While they’re all stand-alones, they’re each excellent reads packed with characters you’ll quickly become attached to.

Angela hails from Danville, Kentucky.  She and her husband, Jess currently live in Stanford. They have several businesses in Stanford.  We will also be showing a video about some of these projects they’ve taken on and I know you will be impressed.  They’re a fascinating couple.  You may just decide to take a road trip there asap!

Several of my friends and I enjoyed the drive over to Stanford not too long ago, ate lunch at their restaurant, The Bluebird Cafe, toured some of their guest homes (Wilderness Road Guest Houses) and we managed to get into trouble (!!!) by making multiple purchases at Angela’s gift shop, Kentucky Soaps and Such.  (Don’t miss the goat’s milk soap and body cream.  It’s to die for.)

Since Granted often discusses good ole’ down home country cooking, we’re suggesting we bring similar treats such as country ham biscuits, etc. I couldn’t begin to count the number of pies Annie’s Grandmother Beulah made, or the fried chicken, or the multiple delicious sounding meals.  Between the church suppers, Beulah’s many meals, and their gardening and farming, food plays a large role with their little community.

We readers don’t just stay in the state of Kentucky, watching Annie and Jake juggle multiple plot twists, including putting together their upcoming wedding.  We get to hop the pond and travel to the lovely area of Tuscany in Italy for their wedding! Delightful!

Annie’s father proves to be one character you dislike and don’t trust.  He defines narcissism while poor Annie keeps believing he will do what he says.

Faith plays a large role in the story as well.  We learn many a lesson in endearing ways which are all excellent reminders. At one point when discussing her farm, Beulah tells Annie, “It all belongs to God—I’m simply a steward, here for a little while…”

While planning their wedding, Annie “recalled her favorite verse, the one she struggled with the most:  ‘Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.’ She did cast her anxiety on him, but many times she picked it right back up again. That was what she had done all month. Lord help me in my unbelief, she prayed, because unbelief was the very root of it.”

A huge sense of community comforts us readers and in the Author’s Note,  Angela tells us, “While I’m certainly an advocate of small-town life, I also realize this same type of community can be experienced in New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities through the local neighborhoods, which seem like small towns within big cities.”

Angela closes with this quote:  “President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, ‘It’s nice to live in a place where people know when you are sick, love you while you are alive, and miss you when you die.’” Amen!

Grab your friends and come join us next Monday night, March 25th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Middletown United Methodist Church.  Please rsvp to Nancy Tinnell at (502) 345-8839 and bring your favorite down-home-delight if time allows.

11902 Old Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40243 http://www.middletownumc.org

We look forward to seeing you and hearing what will prove to be a great discussion as well as enjoying the two videos.

‘Til next time!


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When You Flunk Generosity 101… (Inspirational Antidote from Sherry C. Leavell)

Friends! Have you ever been the recipient of a pay-it-forward scenario?  Or perhaps you started a giving chain in a McDonald’s drive-thru…

One very cold Monday morning, sportin’ a severe attitude, I had to haul myself way out east for a mole check with my dermatologist. Who wants to do that, much less on a cold Monday morning?

Further aggravating the situation, my rushing around left me no time to eat breakfast.  Horrors.

Appointment finished, I hightailed it to McDonald’s for a not-so-nutritious-but-oh-so-good bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.  Surely the unsweet tea canceled the biscuit’s calories?

Fishing a five-dollar bill out of my wallet, I pulled up to pay.

The drive-thru employee said, “The car ahead of you paid for your meal, ma’am. Have a nice day!”

Stunned, I could barely articulate, “Wow! Thank you.”

Still holding my five-dollar bill, I grabbed my breakfast and drove on.

Oh dear.  Why didn’t I give the guy my five and offer to pay for the person behind me?  I’m ashamed to say it never crossed my mind…until I pulled out of the parking lot.

I blew it.  Period.

I rationalized, “That has never happened to me before.  No wonder I couldn’t think on my feet.” Oh brother.

Later that day I picked up dinner for our friends Liz and Bill.  As I sat down at their table, I relayed my gaffe. Bill confirmed my act, “Wow, you broke the chain!”  Yes, well, that helped tremendously. We all laughed in spite of ourselves.

Oh, but then I rationalized again, “Well, at least I’m taking dinner to friends.”

Bottom line?

Grace wins.

Guilt loses.

Shame evaporates.

Lesson learned.

Enough of my saga, allow me to introduce you to the perfect antidote for when you flunk generosity 101.  My dear friend, Sherry Leavell, has just written a marvelous little book that packs a punch.  The book?

Grateful Living:  30 Days to GRATITUDE

Sherry’s written thirty short devotionals which offer help via God’s Word along with excellent questions and ideas on how to apply these Scriptures to our daily lives.  I’ve highlighted, underlined, and dog-eared many a page.

Pictured here left to right are: Yours Truly, Sherry Leavell, and Judy Russell. This was a fun rendezvous for lunch in Fort Myers, FL one day in January while our hubbies played golf.

Sherry shows us the longer we walk with the Lord, the more our gratitude grows.  She takes us on a thirty-day adventure causing us to consider, “Because Jesus paid it all, and all to Him we owe (like the hymn says), what is the best way to live that out?”

Grateful Living also includes a gratitude journal in the back with thirty spots to record small or big things you’re grateful for.  Sherry’s own experience, from a challenge thanks to Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, profoundly impacted her gratefulness.

I’ll share a few of my favorite entries, and pray you run as fast as you can to The Living Word Bookstore ( www.livingword.org ) or call the gals there to order: (502) 253-8220. You may also contact Sherry via her email:  Sherry.Leavell@gmail.com .

My first favorite entry is #16:  Life as a Bouquet. Scripture given is Psalm 86:12:

Sherry tells a story about Corrie Ten Boom and how Corrie handled receiving accolades for her books and speaking engagements. She accepted these “as if they were flowers. She would present all these compliments (flowers) to the Lord as His bouquet at the end of each day.”

I love that visual! Sherry adds, “Each success, victory and compliment can be accepted as a flower to be arranged in a lovely bouquet and handed to Jesus on a daily basis…sharing it’s Christ’s love which compels us to love others.”

I didn’t expect my toes to be stepped on, but after my faux pas at McDonald’s, clearly I still have much to learn.  In entry #17, Sherry has the gall to suggest (kidding, sorta) we are ALL missionaries.  Yikes.

She proves this by giving us Matthew 28:19,

We readers learn about a young missionary named Val who said, “I keep thinking about what you said that many folks have never met a missionary before. I feel honored and privileged that the Lord has called us to this and then provided, so it can happen. But I hope we all realize that we are all missionaries.” (Please take a moment to pray for our dear friends, Val, Clark, and Hannah Sleeth who are serving at Tenwek Hospital in Africa. www.wgm.org )

Sherry gently reminds us, “As followers of Christ, we’re ambassadors for Him…missionaries who are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ every day, everywhere, with everyone we meet.”

Not only does each entry begin with a Scripture, it also ends with a prayer.  These are so helpful as many times I can’t come up with the best take-away from a devotional and Sherry helps us do just that.

Entry #17 is the perfect example of applying the Word to our life:

Three more of my favorite entries are:  #20 – Walking Like Jesus (Glean helpful ideas to take with you the next time you walk with a friend), #22 – Seeking Answers (You won’t believe how specifically God answered one of Sherry’s prayer requests. Discover Liz Curtis Higgs’ connection in this entry. Liz is also who challenged Sherry only a year ago to write this book!), and #28 – Living the Life That is Truly Life (Uncover Sherry’s incredible bad timing with her first job, you won’t believe it! Plus grab lifelong advice from Jess and Angela Correll. www.angelacorrell.com )

Finally, here are 3 of a gazillion pearls Sherry equips us with:

Grab your own copy of Grateful Living and see which entry is your favorite!  May all of our eyes be opened to grateful living, passing Generosity 101 with flying colors.

’Til next time!

P.S.  Sherry’s first book is one you moms don’t want to miss:  A Mother’s Mission:  Thirty Thoughts for Thirty Days.






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Christmas Gift Ideas: New Novel “Granted” by Angela Correll (Part 1 of 4)

Friends! Between now and the next three weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll be giving you some Christmas gift ideas for your friends and family. Hey, if YOU are interested, drop some serious hints…These ideas are all lovely and are guaranteed to bless the recipient.

First up, I’m thrilled to report Angela Correll has a new novel out which just released November 22ndGranted is the third and final novel in the May Hollow trilogy.  Sad for us May Hollow fans, but hang with me for news on that little issue…hope’s around the corner…

I told Angela I’d have bought Granted  on the spot solely from the cover! (Yes, I’m guilty of judging a book by its’ cover.) Note the wedding dress….Yes, love is in the air.

Critics have compared Angela’s writing to Jan Karon’s.  I love her writing because her story is set in Kentucky with visits to my hometown of Lexington, including some of my favorite restaurants. Faith, food, fellowship, and farming play a large role in the story as well.

Additionally, you’ll adore Granted’s characters. Annie, Jake, and Beulah are my favorites, but you’ll have to decide who yours are as there are plenty more to choose from. They jump off the pages to meet you and you find yourself lured into their story.

Their simple lifestyle is terribly appealing, inspiring downtime and not activities to decorate your calendar. Angela says she hopes her readers’ takeaway is “inspiration to enrich intergenerational community whether it’s a neighborhood in Manhattan or a rural area in Alabama.”.

Christian fiction can sometimes be sappy, as in way unrealistic, but I give my hats’ off to Angela as she does not tie every situation up into a tidy little knot.  She keeps you guessing, throwing a few curve balls along with some characters who’ll make you want to teach them a lesson or two!

Angela shares the lesson from a messy relationship is for us to make peace with it.  (This is a painful part of the story.) Here’s a favorite quote regarding this particular mess:

“She recalled her favorite verse, the one she struggled with the most: ‘Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.’ She did cast her anxiety on him, but many times she picked it right back up again. That was what she had done all month. Lord help me in my unbelief, she prayed, because unbelief was the very root of it.” (This is from 1 Peter 5:7 NIV)

Not only is there a wedding in store for the reader, a trip to Italy in the Tuscany region is also included with scenery Angela so beautifully paints.  I’m ready to hop a plane there as I write.  Actually, I’m dreaming of hopping a plane there!

Nancy Sleeth’s endorsement illustrates Angela’s creativity:


Several people have asked me if it’s necessary to have read the first two books prior to Granted. I say, “No, but they’re both so good, you won’t want to miss the characters’ transformations, story line, etc.”

Grounded  is the first one, with Guarded being the second. As a matter of fact, the entire trilogy would make an even greater gift!

Life as Angela and her husband, Jess, experience fills Granted’s pages…If you live in Kentucky, I’ve got the perfect road trip for you either for the day, or for an overnight.

Drive to Stanford and grab a bite at the Bluebird Café. (www.bluebirdnatural.com) The café only serves food from local vendors and farmers, farm-to-table style.

Following your meal, you can walk across the street to mill around Angela’s shop, Kentucky Soaps and Such (www.kentuckysoapsandsuch.com ). Warning:  In addition to a wide variety of gifts including her goat’s milk cream (“Summer rain” is my favorite scent, but you may choose your own.), there’s a bookstore within the store loaded with excellent selections.  Last time I was there with friends, we needed multiple shopping bags.

But, if you want a true escape, try one of Angela’s Wilderness Road homes and spend the night.  (new.wildernessroadguest.com )

One of many favorite parts of her novel includes  “porch time”—just sitting on the porch either reading or chatting with neighbors.  John and I stayed in one of the Wilderness Road homes for a little respite not too long ago. We have pictures of us drinking coffee, sitting on a porch swing, taking in the morning.

Go grab Granted, a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the Christmas season.  Grab one for a friend as a Christmas gift.  You’ll both be blessed!

‘Til next time!

P.S. I promised to share what’s ahead for Angela.  She’s got a couple of projects in the works and when asked if this is the last time we’ll hear from the families on May Hollow Road she said, “There was a story arc I wanted to see through from the beginning and Granted does complete that. There’s room in the future to pick up other story lines from some of the characters, so it may not be the last time we hear from some of the characters, but Granted does round out the story of Annie’s return home.” Stay tuned!


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Dash to Danville for Dinner and a Play: Angela Correll’s novel, Grounded, comes to the stage July 7 – 18 at Pioneer Playhouse

Friends! If you live anywhere near Danville, Kentucky, make plans NOW to attend the play, Grounded. It’s based on Angela Correll’s excellent novel of the same name. Grounded The best part? It’s G-rated….so bring family and friends. It runs from July 7th to the 18th. (Go to: www.pioneerplayhouse.com for ticket information.) PPGroundedFlyer This opportunity gets even better for this non-cooking girl. The Pioneer Playhouse serves dinner before the play!!! (Options for tickets with or without dinner are available.)

Pioneer Playhouse calls Grounded an “uplifting play about family, faith, and the choices we make.” Kentucky Monthly says, “Grounded is a play about second chances and the lure of the land we call home.”

Pioneer Playhouse also tells us, “Grounded is part of our annual ‘Kentucky Voices’ series, which celebrates local writers and stories. (Read more about the Kentucky Voices series on Pioneer Playhouse’s website.)

If you want to hear the astonishing backstory of how this all came about, including a shooting from 100 years ago which involved one of Angela’s family members and one of the Playhouse’s owner’s family members, read Steven Vest’s article from May 26, 2015, Creative Connections, in www.kentuckymonthly.com

Once you pick your jaw up off the floor, and google what a hoosegow is (!!! Well, some of you may know and some of you may not. I obviously haven’t watched enough Westerns.), you’ll love learning that Angela said, “I really see this as a redemption of our family history in many ways.” Beautiful.


Pictured here are the Hensons, whose family has owned and run Pioneer Playhouse for over sixty-five years with Angela in the middle. Heather and Angela met in the 7th grade at Bate Middle School!

This entire experience (having a playwright create a play from one’s novel) made me super curious. I asked Angela how she felt about someone doing this. Did it make her nervous? Excited? Did the playwright flip things around a lot?

Several of my author friends have admitted getting a book published is like birthing a baby…Call me crazy, but I think it could be tricky to have someone else adjust one’s “baby”??!!!

Angela said she’s not met the playwright, but that her agent negotiated the contract with her which gave her artistic control.   She added, “When a book’s adapted for the stage (or a movie), changes have to be made since they are very different media. I understood that and knew the play needed to have some things that would heighten drama and make for a good show.”

Here’s my favorite thing Angela relayed, “My concern was to make sure it didn’t lose the ‘heart’ of Grounded. I also wanted it to stay G-rated.” I love that she kept the integrity of her book.

Chelsea Marcantel (pictured below) is the playwright who is currently a Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwright Fellow at The Julliard School in New York City, studying under renowned Kentucky playwright Marsha Norman. Angela got to see a rehearsal of the play recently and found herself getting emotional. (Can you imagine seeing your book and its’ characters come to life???) This makes me all the more excited to see the play. ChelseaMarcantel02--240x300

Angela will be at the playhouse every night signing copies of her novel and will talk about her writing. There will also be demonstrations and tastings (can this experience get any better???) from vendors of locally made products such as Marksbury Farms, Kentucky Soaps and Such, Buster Bees, Wilderness Trail and others.

Ever since my buddies the Butter Babes and I ventured to Stanford I’ve been dying to take my better half, John, there too. I’m happy to report Hubster and I’ll be making the trip, staying in one of Angela’s newly remodeled guesthouses (www.wildernessroadguest.com) and then going to dinner and the play in Danville. (Stanford’s only ten miles from Danville.)  This is a primo opportunity with our upcoming 31st Anniversary next week!!!

Lord willing, we’ll grab breakfast the next morning at Angela’s restaurant, The Bluebird Café (www.bluebirdnatural.com), and then we’ll go shopping at Angela’s store, Kentucky Soaps and Such (www.kentuckysoapsandsuch.com). Her goat’s milk body cream is the best product on the planet. I have multiple friends who are hooked.

Back in May, I wrote about the Babes’ visit to Stanford plus Angela guest posted a wonderful article called “A Time for Everything”. Here’s the link FYI: “Why Can’t Anyone See I’m Still Mourning?”

Please join me in praying for this endeavor starting July 7th through the 18th: for all the actors, the production, the details, the weather (even tho’ they do have Plan B inside!!!), and for ALL attendees, who perhaps may not know the Lord, that they will be drawn to Him after watching this.

Hebrews 10:25 says, “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

Hope to see you at the play!

Be watching for Angela’s next novel, Guarded, due out in December.

‘Til next time!

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Why Can’t Anyone See I’m Still Mourning??? GUEST AUTHOR Angela Correll Teaches About Grace While Mourning… PLUS FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!


Our gracious God orchestrated a connection with Stanford, Kentucky author, Angela Correll recently. Thanks to several friends, Jan Watson being one of them, our paths began to cross. (Jan was recently interviewed and featured here and here)

Additionally, Angela and I were connected via Nancy Sleeth as their husbands are friends and they share many interests. (Nancy also recently wrote a challenging article on Sabbath)

Next up, my buddy Judy Russell, (Hoping to hear from Judy in the next few weeks for you readers!) of the notorious Butter Babes, got to meet Angela when she was in Louisville doing a book signing at Carmichael’s for her novel GroundedJudy said, “You have GOT to meet Angela!”


 (***IF you comment at the end, you’ll be entered to win a copy of Angela’s book!***)

We (The Butter Babes) took it upon ourselves to take a road trip over to Stanford, become acquainted with Angela, and check out the farm-to-table restaurant she’s co-owner of, The Bluebird Café.   (www.bluebirdnatural.com )  Angela met us for a scrumptious lunch, even graciously treating us(!!!).  During lunch she and Fay realized they were at Georgetown College together, just a few years ago.  Can the world be any smaller?

Fay Bloyd, Angela Correll, Bonnie Johnson, Nancy Aguiar, Judy Russell and Yours Truly

Fay Bloyd, Angela Correll, Bonnie Johnson, Nancy Aguiar, Judy Russell and Yours Truly

bluebird salad

After lunch, Angela took us across the street to her darling store, Kentucky Soaps and Such.  We did some feverish shopping, including snagging some of her wonderful goat’s milk soaps and lotions and made-in-Kentucky gifts. (www.kentuckysoapsandsuch.com) Sidebar:  After running out of what I’d bought,  I ordered more products for myself and have given countless others away for gifts.  These have been a huge hit among my friends. My favorite is the body cream with the “summer rain” scent.

Kentucky soaps and such

A woman of many talents, Angela gave us tours of some of their newly renovated guest houses which are lovely. One of my friends booked one during Centre College’s graduation as they’re only ten miles from Danville.  These would be perfect for retreats, weddings, a romantic getaway, etc.  (www.wildernessroadguest.com )


Pictured here in the front row are: Nancy Aguiar and Bonnie Johnson. Back row, left to right is: Judy Russell, Fay Bloyd and Yours Truly

Pictured here in the front row are: Nancy Aguiar and Bonnie Johnson. Back row, left to right is: Judy Russell, Fay Bloyd and Yours Truly

The Butter Babes are pictured above on Angela’s front porch.  We loved seeing the goats wandering around whose milk they use to make the soaps and lotions.  Angela lives on this beautiful, rolling farm with her husband, Jess.  They raise grass-fed cattle, horses, goats and chickens.  (The Proverbs 31 Woman comes to mind.)


 A Time For Everything - Sunpic

by Angela Correll

There is a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance.” Ecclesiastes 3:4

A season of mourning used to be practiced in our country as a time set aside for people to show the signs of grief outwardly.

Most of us are only able to picture that kind of grieving because we’ve seen a movie like “Gone with the Wind,” where proper society demanded the bereaved wear black for a year and turn down social engagements.

But well into the last century, a time of mourning was still common practice, with department stores having entire sections devoted to mourning clothes. A bereaved person was given the time and space to properly mourn and heal the loss of a loved one.

Everyone who came in contact with a person in mourning understood that something quite devastating had happened. They were given a little extra understanding, more time to be out of a normal routine, and more patience in everyday expectations. The time periods allotted could be anywhere from a six months to a year.

We lost our son-in-law two years ago in April. We loved him as a person, but he was also husband to our daughter and father to our dear grandchildren, only three and five years old. It was unexpected and it was shocking.

For about two weeks, we were able to grieve and stop our normal routine, but work demands gradually pulled us back in, and we made the attempt to continue life as we had before since it seemed that was what was expected of us.

But that’s like walking out of the hospital after your foot has been amputated and having everyone expect you to start running again in two weeks. No one thinks that though, because the bandages are a visible reminder of the surgery. That’s where mourning clothes would come in handy. It’s that outward sign that says to the world, “Give this person some room. They are not whole yet.”

Just as when a person heals from surgery, the whole of their physical strength is working to heal the injured place. This means they’re left with very little energy to do anything else. It’s the very same with an emotional injury like grief.

By the end of that first summer, the smallest of tasks exhausted us. I realized we made a mistake by trying to get back to normal far too soon. Yet it seemed everyone around us expected life to go on as before, although it would never be quite the same for us again. I longed for the culture of mourning so I could wear a reminder to others that things weren’t quite right yet and to please give us a little extra grace.

Truthfully, I have done the same to others by carrying on with unrealistic expectations. And it’s unlikely our society will go back to the mourning period anytime soon. But, it did make me think about others who have suffered losses. Since they aren’t wearing black, I don’t always know, but maybe it’s the store clerk who was a little short with me when I asked a question; maybe it’s the church member who didn’t smile and greet me; or maybe it’s someone I do know is grieving.

Whatever the case, I hope I can give out an extra measure of grace, just in case.

Angela Correll is the author of Grounded and the upcoming novel, Guarded. www.angelacorrell.com

——————————————–THANK YOU, ANGELA!————————

From Elizabeth now:

What wonderful words to live by!  It’s a shame we grievers don’t still wear black beyond the funeral!  May we all be in tune to those around us who are grieving while extending more grace.

Angela, we cannot wait for your NEXT NOVEL, Guarded, to hit the stores!!!  Coming December 1st!!!  (By the way dear readers, if you’ve not read Grounded yet, be sure to do that before Guarded hits the bookshelves!  It’s a wonderful page-turner full of blessings and surprises.)

Here’s what we have to look forward to in Guarded:

“When restoration of the old stone house uncovers a family secret, Annie must travel to Italy to search out the answer, leaving her grandmother with a disruptive houseguest, and dealing with her own paralyzing fears about her relationship with Jake.  Guarded is the sequel to Grounded, a bestseller on Amazon in Christian fiction and contemporary romance.”

(Favorite four words in the above paragraph: must travel to Italy.  Mamma Mia.  You’ve got my attention!!!)

Blessings to you, Angela, and we hope to make another road trip your way real soon!

Seems we are all on the same page over mourning this week… Please read more words of encouragement from Kurt Sauter.

‘Til next time!



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TWO Upcoming Events: Book Signing 10/17 and Book Club Meeting 10/28 are WORTHY of your Calendar!!!

Greetings and Blessings to you this Fall Season!  Before we get too far into October, I wanted to be sure and let those of you who live in or near Louisville, Kentucky know about two exciting events!

There’s a brand-new, debut novel out by Angela Correll.  Angela hails from Stanford, Kentucky, has been writing for local newspapers for years, and has now ventured out into the book world!  Her book, Grounded, is quite the page-turner.

grounded cover

Angela will be doing a book signing at Carmichael’s on Frankfort Avenue, on Thursday, October 17th, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.  In addition to having the opportunity of meeting her, she’s bringing some of her mouth-watering homemade pies!  Double carrot-dangler…


(For more information on the book signing, you may go to:  www.carmichaelsbookstore.com )

My friend Nancy Sleeth, who wrote Almost Amish sent me Angela’s book recently.  I was dumbfounded to discover Nancy has endorsed Angela’s book on the front of the cover, while my other writing buddy in Lexington, Jan Watson (author of her newest novel Tattler’s Branch) has endorsed it on the back!!!  Two perfect reasons to read Angela’s book above and beyond its’ intrigue!!!

Almost Amish Sleeth339153_w185

(An interesting sidebar comes this week from Nancy and Matthew Sleeth’s organization, Blessed Earth.  Checkout  their most recent newsletter written by Will Samson.  www.blessedearth.org  Much of what Will shares is akin to one of the themes of Angela’s book about creation care and community.  Well done, Will! Fascinating seminar!)

I’m happy to report we got these Lexington authors and some friends together, minus Angela (she was at another book signing in Lexington),  a couple of weeks ago for lunch.  We met at The Café in Joseph Beth Booksellers and solved many of the world’s problems over a three hour–or-so-lunch!!! (More on that in another post about my exciting road trip to Lexington soon to follow….)

Lexington Group Photo

Top row (left to right): Pam Stein, Nancy Sleeth and Laura Leavell. Bottom row (left to right): Yours truly, Jan Watson and Kelsey Ach

All  that to say, I’m beyond excited to meet Angela.  And I can’t say enough good things about her novel.  You will love it.  Her characters jump off the pages and I found myself totally tickled at the main character, Annie Taylor.

I’m afraid I relate to her a little too much.  Watching her struggle with the country life after being in New York City is quite an activity.   Coffee snob that I am (as is Annie), even the littlest details amuse.  Parts of this book remind me of a favorite quote from Joan Rivers, “My idea of camping is staying in a hotel that has a regular bathtub, vs. a Jacuzzi.”



Annie’s feverish attempts to adapt to a small town in Kentucky while trying to reconcile her relationship with her Grandmother are mesmerizing.  Will they reconcile?  Is it possible?  Ahhh, well you‘ll have to read Grounded and find out!

I’m happy to report the novel is not without romance nor suspense, either!  These little threads build into a beautiful tapestry, complete with surprises I couldn’t have predicted.

Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore to grab Grounded.  You’ll love it.  And don’t forget to come meet Angela at Carmichael’s on October 17th!

(Checkout Angela’s website and learn about her and her Kentucky Soaps and Such Store as well as her restaurant, The Bluebird Café, all in Stanford, Kentucky!!! I feel another road trip comin’ on…. www.angelacorrell.com )

Additionally, for your calendar, don’t forget our next Branches Book Club Meeting on Monday, October 28th! We’re meeting at Middletown United Methodist Church, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. (Read more about Branches here….)

Tree Outline w words


Calling all Karen Kingsbury fans!!!  Yes, indeed, we’ll be discussing Karen’s newest novel, The Chance.




I confess I’ve not read Karen’s book yet, but am planning to do so ASAP with our meeting right around the corner on the 28th!  Here’s a teaser for you from The New York Times:  “Karen Kingsbury offers a heartwarming story about childhood friends, broken lives, and a long-ago promise that just might offer the hope of love for today.”

I know some of you Kingsbury fans have already read this and have given it a thumbs’ up.  We’ll have fun with the discussion and don’t forget most everyone brings treats to eat!  (Is there a theme here with the homemade pies to entice us to the book signing and treats at Book Club???!!!)

‘Til next time!

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