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Don’t Miss This BRAND NEW Must-Read by Bob Merritt: “Done With That: Escape the Struggle of Your Old Life”

Friends!  Come August 1st, a hot-off-the-press book will be available to you.  Guys and gals will want to bolt to your nearest bookstore to grab this compelling book! Trust me on this…

I’ve been blessed to get a sneak peak.  Bob is a gifted writer as well as a quintessential story teller.  He’s also brutally honest (many times you’ll say to yourself, “Wow, I think that, but I’m not about to publicly confess that.”).

Let’s start with some of Bob’s endorsers—they’re most impressive. One of my favorites is by author Mark Batterson.  Mark says, “…Bob shows that less means more.  Less regret means more joy. Less loneliness means more belonging. Less angst means more contentment. Bob’s hard-fought battle will help you win yours.”

Our own Senior Pastor, Kyle Idleman, says, “Freedom in Christ is one of the most powerful gifts of the gospel. But knowledge of that freedom and walking in that freedom are two different things. This book moves us from knowledge to action, with practical application for every person who is truly ready to move.”

The book’s divided into three parts:  Getting Honest, Aha Moments, and The New Life is Less and More, four chapters per part, with Bob taking us by the hand throughout the entire book.  The Intro’ causes you to say, “I’m so glad I found this book.” Once you get into the chapters you’ll say, “Wow, I need this book.”

Thirty-six excellent discussion questions, three per each of the twelve chapters, are included for your small group or Bible study buddies. Chapter 10 – Fewer Possessions, More People, has my favorite of all the thought-provoking questions in it:  “Create a list of the people who really matter to you. Who are the ten who will cry at your funeral, and is there anything you need to change to make sure those ten are getting your best?”

And look at this:

In Chapter One we learn from Dallas Willard re: “the challenge of living the Christian life.  He said the word disciple appears 269 times in the New Testament but the word Christian appears only 3 times.”  Bob continues, “The cost of discipleship is real, but the price of non-discipleship is a life that NEVER improves and stays stuck in relational breakdown and personal strife.”

Bob shows us that spiritual growth takes time and regardless of where we are, (see below…)

Numerous Scripture verses and Biblical character’s actions build Bob’s points in each chapter.  I found myself logging many of them into my journal, each one pertinent to whatever day I was reading.

Chapter Four gives us a point thanks to a golf analogy that’s also killer funny at Bob’s expense.  Bob manages to tear his rotator cuff (ouch) and suffers thru’ intense physical therapy. We readers feel his pain.

This chapter is about leaving our old life for a new one. It’s easy to get comfy in our old life. And in Bob’s case, things weren’t going to change for him unless he turned himself in for some help.  By that time, Bob reveals he’d seen “two doctors, four physical trainers, and one therapist.”  He says, “I’d read a dozen articles, watched four videos, and received fifteen pages of exercises. I was determined to overcome my problem and resume playing the game of golf as God intended.”

The pain is what was teaching Bob he had to change. Here’s where we’re given three steps toward change:


Honesty, and

Hard work… (Don’t miss this chapter!)

Bob’s revelation is:  “Just as there is physical therapy for shoulder pain, there is spiritual therapy to develop our faith:  both require a commitment to doing the work…It took humility, facts, and action to abandon the old life of failure and pain and move squarely into the new life of golf and happiness.”

Totally a guys’ guy, Bob relays some hysterical hunting stories. I’ve read these out loud to my husband while both of us howl ‘til we cry.  My husband is so happy my copy of the book has come in the mail now so he can dive in. (I was reading digitally.)

(Be sure to catch some of Bob’s sermons from his church’s website.)

Finally, I’ll share a few tidbits from my favorite chapter, Chapter 8 – Turning Points. (Never in a million years would I’ve thought an illustration using skinny jeans would grab me.)

Hang with me…the “Spiritual Turning Point” is hugely an “aha!”  We’re gifted with four practices to help us “open up the channels for God’s Spirit to speak:”

1 – Read God’s Word

2 – Read inspiring books (My personal favorite!)

3 – Reduce the noise in your life (Warning:  This is a tough one.)

4 – Confess your sins (Not for the faint of heart.)

Sound impossible?  Bob clarifies, “…these major turning points don’t happen every day. But a major spiritual turning point can happen in an instant, in an hour or two, or over several days. And when it occurs, it’ll feel as though you’ve been saved or freed from something, as though you’ve had a breakthrough, and as though you’re about to enter a new stage of life—a better, stronger, wiser, and more spiritually centered stage…”

These are just a minutia of the WEALTH of helpful information you’ll gain from reading this book.  And, if you haven’t read , Get Wise, also by Bob, here’s the review link.

‘Til next time!






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When Your Brain is on Overload…(Get Wise-Make Great Decisions Every Day by Bob Merritt is a Must-Read!) Spring Cleaning, Part 4 of 4

Ever feel like you need to go clear your head? Like there’s too much in between the ole’ ears? When I have fifteen frazzling thoughts vying for my attention, sometimes a walk to clear my head is the perfect prescription.

My friend Sherry gave me a book recently, Get Wise—Make Great Decisions Every Day by Bob Merritt. I devoured it and was so moved by it, Hubster and I promptly gave copies to all three of our boys. (Hubster’s readying to read my copy.) This book is great for guys and gals, plus it’ll clear your head rapidly, filling it with wisdom.

Get Wise

You can find Bob at Eagle Brook Church in Centerville, Minnesota. He’s the Senior Pastor there and Get-Wise is his third book. www.eaglebrookchurch.com


Allow me to tease you with some terrific tidbits while strongly suggesting you procure a copy of this most excellent book at your earliest convenience.

The endorsers give you multitudes of reasons to read this: John Ortberg, Jud Wilhite, Lee Strobel, Shauna Niequist, Bill Hybels, and Wayne Cordeiro (Don’t miss a post hugely inspired by Wayne. He says it like it is.).

I love what Shauna wrote: “Reading Get Wise feels like having coffee with someone who knows more than you and wants the best for you.”

Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

One of Bob’s many talents is the gift of storytelling. He grabs you from the get-go and tells on himself more than once. You’ll laugh your head off while learning how to make wise decisions. He clearly has coined, “It’s not a mistake unless you learn from it.”

Here’s how the book’s set up, so you can either read it straight thru’, or pick and choose your topics:

Bob says, “Part 1 looks at the value of wisdom, how to acquire it, and why the wisdom of a man who had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines can be trusted.” (!!!) See what I mean about his humor???

Part 2 is where a wise life begins and why decisions about your heart, mouth, and feet are foundational to the rest of your life.”

Part 3 focuses on relationships, on the critical decisions you’ll need to make about sex, fools, friends, and revenge.”

Trust me, you’d be a fool NOT to read the chapter on fools! It’s the best!

Part 4 brings eternal wisdom to the three most critical decisions you’ll need to make about your family:

How to begin well,

How to build intimacy, and

How to raise great kids.” (Oh how I wish I’d had this book when we were raising our boys…)

Part 5 addresses the top two decisions you’ll need to make about your work, the area where most of us spend forty years of our lives.” Think about that for a minute!

 The benefits alone from reading this book will entice you to dive in:

Benefits of Reading Get Wise

Each of the fifteen chapters are loaded with sound advice. Any time an author uses Scripture to back up his points, I’m sold. Bob is a master at this.

Plus, there’s a set of Discussion Questions at the end of the book. They’ll help you and your Small Group, or Community Group or Bible study group respond immediately to each chapter’s lessons.

My first of three favorite parts comes from Chapter 4: Wise Heart. Proverbs 4:23 tell us, “Above all else, GUARD YOUR HEART for everything you do flows from it.”

Red heart in the hands

Bob reminds us that the heart is “the center of your life. It’s the core, the source, the place from which everything else flows. It’s like a deep well that keeps you alive…It’s the inner spring that sustains your life.”

Bob poses a killer question:

“When God examines your heart, what does he see?”

He also reminds us of Solomon’s eye-opening parallel: “A good place to start is to look at your mouth and feet.” (Oh my….) “…often what you say and where you go reflect the condition of your heart.”

So after you’re fairly flattened by that earth shattering thought, Bob graciously shows us HOW to get a wise heart. This book is amazing!

My second favorite part comes from Chapter Six: Wise Feet. This chapter centers around Proverbs 4:26 “Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm.”

Woman Walking Along A Rural Path

Round two of questions: “What are your well-worn paths? Your paths will predict the outcomes in your life.”

“All it takes is a pair of wise feet that walk away from something destructive and toward something constructive.”

That reminds me of a great visual from Max Lucado’s book, Turn-Remembering our Foundations. He suggests when encountering a temptation to simply TURN and go in the opposite direction. To literally turn away from whatever it is…defining “repent”.


My third favorite part of Bob’s book is from Chapter 11: Wise Beginning. Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

You must read how Bob and Laurie’s marriage began. Nothing short of comical. In spite of several poignant disasters, their marriage did not derail.

But…. (ahhhh you knew that was coming…) Bob shows us a couple of crucial findings:

“Whom you marry will affect every part of your life for the rest of your life….

Marriage is less about finding the right person and more about becoming the right person.”

Quitting isn’t the answer. Bob teaches: “Anybody can quit. It takes people of strength and WISDOM to say, ‘We’ve got a problem. But divorce is not an option, so let’s get some help and beat this thing.’”

Stop Divorce Indicates Warning Sign And Annul

Finally, Bob gives us two “ingredients” for locking in a wise beginning. (I’ll give you one of two, hoping you’ll go get the book to find out the rest!)

Bob realizes, “Through all our arguing and uncertainty during that first year, our faith in God was the ONE CONSTANT that held us together. He adds, “Make sure you BOTH have a holy reverence for God as your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.”

Remember last week Stuart Briscoe reminded us about seeking FIRST the Kingdom….by experiencing, expressing, and extending the Kingdom. He helped us “clean our clocks/calendars”, while Bob helps us clear and clean our heads/minds for wisdom.  Spring Cleaning at its’ finest!

Go get some wisdom!

‘Til next time…


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