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How to Be Mom Strong for Mother’s Day and Every Other Day (with help from author Heidi St. John)

Friends! Cheers to all you Moms, Grandmoms, Aunts, and Neighbor-like-practically-Moms this Mother’s Day week. I pray you’ll all feel super celebrated on Sunday.

While we may not always feel celebrated, much less strong and eager to tackle each day, author Heidi St. John has a book and a Bible study to help us do exactly that:  Becoming Mom Strong:  How to Fight with All That’s in You for Your Family and Your Faith.

Here’s the book:


And here’s the Bible study, Becoming Mom Strong: A Six-Week Journey to Discover Your God-given Calling:

You may be saying, “Yeah, right.  I may be a strong Mom if one were grading on the curve, but I’m certainly not a strong Mom every single day!” To which I’ll strongly suggest you grab this book ASAP, because if Heidi can do this while raising her seven children (all the while homeschooling them!), we’d do quite well by listening to her. I only wish she lived in my neighborhood.

You also don’t want to miss Heidi’s blog, www.thebusymom.com

Right or wrong, I generally judge a book not only by its cover, but also by its take-home value. I’m delighted to report Heidi’s book and Bible study are loaded with excellent take-home material and are well worth your time. Each chapter ends with a succinct summary/challenge.

Right after the summary, Heidi includes prayer points with Scripture to back them up. Each and every one of these is excellent. Multiply that by fifteen chapters, and you’ve got a valuable resource I predict you’ll return to time and time again.

Right from the get-go Heidi reminds us we as parents (or grandparents) are, “preparing warriors.” She adds, “You are preparing warriors who at some point will be asked to choose between following God’s law and following the culture. And in order to prepare warriors, YOU have to become a warrior yourself.”

Heidi is brutally honest, telling on herself. She makes us readers feel better for our own faux pas.  In fact, I felt 100% better after learning she, too, forgot to be the tooth fairy for one of her children.  (Sorry again, Woody.) You will laugh out loud in each chapter.

Additionally, Heidi equips us with powerful Scripture. When Heidi gently tells us we can’t make warriors or hope for our kids to have a deep relationship with the Lord unless we ourselves have that, she reminds us to keep our faces planted in the Word daily as well as keep a continual conversation/prayer going with Him.  This verse was new to me from the New Living Translation:


Surely that verse will encourage us in our prayer lives!

All throughout the book neat little quotes are set apart for further encouragement.  This is one of my favorites:

“Bad days do not make bad moms.” 

I so wish I’d had this book when we were raising our boys, but glory be we now have a granddaughter to love on and show her how to love the Lord and her friends.

Heidi closes her book with 3 John 1:4. May it be a goal for each and every one of us:

“I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.” 3 John 1:4 (NLT)

Finally, I’d like to share a snippet about Heidi’s accompanying Bible study, Becoming Mom Strong: A Six-Week Journey to Discover Your God-Given Calling.  Each week’s lesson has “A Voice from the Bible” section where you get to learn from someone in the Bible, i.e. Ruth, Elizabeth, Rahab, Hagar, Mary and Priscilla. I also love the titles of each week:

Becoming Brave and Wise,
Becoming a Mom with a Mission,
Becoming Free,
Becoming Emotionally Strong,
Becoming Beautiful and
Becoming Unshakable.

Each week’s lesson also concludes with a prayer.  This one is my favorite:

Obviously, I recommend Heidi’s book as well as the Bible study.  I hope and pray many young Moms will take this study and take it to heart with their little ones. The potential effect could be wildly powerful!

‘Til next time!


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When You’re Bold Enough to Ask…

Friends!  Ever have something happen to you which completely unravels you?  This happened to me this past week in my favorite nail salon…

Do you think a nail salon could possibly become a sanctuary?  Oh, stick around and find out…

My friend Jane and I go to the same fabulous manicurist.  Her name is Savang and she and her family’s nail salon give the best pedicures in town.  (Think hot stones, oil, ahhhh-so-spa-like.)

The place?  If you’re in Louisville, it’s at the corner of Brownsboro Road and Rudy Lane, near Fresh Market and Panera.  CND Nails—Tom and Savang are the owners and not only are they incredible manicurists, their entire crew is.  Even better, the majority of them love Jesus.


1901 Rudy Lane, Louisville, KY  40207 (502) 894-4445


And if you want to hear an incredible testimony, be sure and ask Savang how she arrived in the United States.  It is nothing short of a miracle.  Seriously.

Nearly monthly, I’m blessed to visit Savang and be pampered by her.  Our conversation is always filled with what the Lord is doing in her life, how we can pray for each other and our families, etc.

It’s also not lost on me she washes my feet when I visit her.  Selfless and dedicated, she perseveres day after day, literally being the hands and feet of Jesus.


Appointments with Savang are one of my favorite activities. I come away more blessed than when I arrived every single time. If I’m really lucky, sometimes I get to take one or more of our daughters-in-love.  Savang always stops what she’s doing and prays for them.  Warms this Mom’s heart, let me tell you.  Savang is definitely one of my sisters in Christ.


Funny tho’, Savang’s faith has grown by leaps and bounds.  As in she sorta left me in the dust.  I’m not trapped by comparison, however, I simply delight in her ever-growing faith. She shines for the Lord.


Perfect example occurred this past week. My friend Michelle was sitting opposite me.  We chatted while our feet received major pampering.  Nearly every pedicure chair was occupied, however one still remained.

Two gals came into the salon.  One escorted the other to the remaining pedicure chair.  This young woman was beautiful.  Another gal recognized her and said, “Hello.”  She smiled.  (I’ll call her Grace from now on…she exudes grace without realizing it.)

A few minutes later, Grace’s nail tech asked her what color she’d like on her toes. Grace didn’t understand.  The nail tech asked her again.  Nothing.  Just a blank look.

Savang and I could tell Grace wasn’t processing the conversation.  I wondered if she’d had a stroke and perhaps wasn’t able to carry on a conversation.  She seemed so young.  This troubled both Savang and me.

stop worrying no more worries solve all problems and relax keep

We left the pedi station and headed to Savang’s table to begin a manicure.  Grace’s friend helped her from the pedi chair to also have a manicure.  Several people in passing spoke to her.  She smiled and nodded. Her friend revealed Grace is a wife and mother and her family was going on a trip the next day.

Savang’s husband came over and told us Grace has advanced Alzheimer’s.  We were stunned.  While I was trying to absorb that, Savang immediately said, “I want to pray for her.”

Before I could take another breath, she asked Grace’s friend if it would be alright if she prayed for her.  The friend, somewhat surprised, said, “Sure.”

Savang went over to Grace, placing her hand on her shoulder, praying  with boldness and beauty.  I fought back tears.

At that very moment, the nail salon became a sanctuary, with prayers ascending Heavenward. Godly thunder surrounding us.

Did I believe God could heal this woman on the spot?  Most definitely.  Will He?  We don’t know.  Perhaps it’s His plan, within His timing. Here’s where we have to trust in His Sovereignty.

Savang was bold. 

She thought to pray. 

She thought to boldly ask.

Matthew 7:7 says,

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for.
Keep on seeking, and you will find.
Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” (NLT)

Open Door

Matthew Henry said,
“Prayer is the appointed means for obtaining what we need. Pray; pray often; make a business of prayer, and be serious and earnest in it.
Ask, as a beggar asks alms.
Ask, as a traveler asks the way.
Seek, as for a thing of value that we have lost; or as the merchantman that seeks goodly pearls.
Knock, as he that desires to enter into the house knocks at the door…”

May we all have eyes to see someone’s need for prayer and may we boldly ask, followed by boldly praying.

This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite Scriptures….Watch what we’ll receive and find when we’re bold:


Let’s pray:

Lord, please forgive us when we don’t notice a need.  Open our eyes to see others as you see them.  Guide us to shine your light among our surroundings and to be bold for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Til next time! 




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